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CARRY ON. -------- The tennis match was stopped because of the rain, but carried on as soon as the rain stopped. --------------- carry on.
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Continuar. to continue doing something lately. (see also: go on).
CARRY ON. --------- We’ll stop the meeting now, and "carry on" after lunch. --------------- CARRY ON.
CALL ON somebody. ------- Hey lalo, did you "call on" Victor and see his new house while you were in Dallas?. --------------- CALL ON somebody.
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Visitar a alguien. (llamar honorio). to visit someone. (see also: drop by, look up).
CALL ON somebody. ------- Whenever Richard Voughn and his wife are in Paris, they "call on" old friends who live there. --------------- CALL ON somebody.
CATCH ON ------- Cable TV took a while in the begining to catch on, but right now nearly everyone watches it. --------------- catch on.
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CATCH ON ------- Cable TV took a while i in English
Entenderse, comprenderse. to figure out or understand someone or something, especially after a long time. (see also: cotton on).
CATCH ON ------- The audience soon "catches on" to the fact that Donal sometimes is only joking. --------------- catch on.
CATCH ON ------- The practice of taking cold showers is unlikely to "catch on" in Britain. --------------- catch on.
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Ser popular. to become popular. (see also: take off).
CATCH ON ------- A new hairstyle can "catch on" quickly if kids see a pop star with it. --------------- catch on.
CHEAT ON. ------- Martha's husband "cheated on" her in the second year of marriege. --------------- cheat on.
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Engañar, ser infiel. Be sexually unfaithful.
CHEAT ON. ------- Brat Pit said, she "cheated on" me with my friend. --------------- cheat on.
CHECK ON somebody/ something. ------- I’d better go and check on the baby to make sure she’s all right. I’ll be back in a minute. --------------- (check on) somebody or something.
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echar un ojo, checar a alguien. to look at someone or something so that you are certain they are safe, satisfactory, etc. (see also: look in on (only used for people or animals).
CHECK ON somebody/ something. --------------- Esther said, I sent Fernando to check on the kids. --------------- CHECK ON somebody/ something.
CHEER ON somebody. ---------- The fans competed to see which group could make the most noise when they cheered on their team. --------------- CHEER ON somebody.
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Animar, alentar. Encourage someone.
CHEER ON somebody. ------- The champions played well today and everyone cheered them on. --------------- (cheer on) somebody.
DAWN ON someboby. ------- Dave Truska said, It just "dawned on" me that nearly all of our slow deliveries were sent by UPS. I hadn’t realized this before. --------------- DAWN ON someboby.
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Acabar de darse cuenta, darse cuenta de repente. if a fact dawns on you, you realize or understand something after a period of time when you did not realize or understand it. (see also: occur to).
DAWN ON someboby. ------- Aleida said, I was watching TV last night and then it "dawned on" me that my exams were only 2 weeks away. ---------------DAWN ON someboby.
DECIDE ON somebody or something. ------- The studio has already decided on the actors for the main roles in the next James Bond film. --------------- DECIDE ON somebody or something.
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Decidirse sobre algo. to choose something or someone after thinking carefully. (see also: settle on).
DECIDE ON somebody or something. ------- Have you decided on a name for the baby?. --------------- (decide on) somebody or something.
DEPEND ON somebody or something. ------- You can depend on Jill to do a good job. She’s very reliable and I’m sure she won’t let you down. --------------- DEPEND ON somebody or something.
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Depender, confiar. to trust someone or something and know that they will help you or do what you want or expect them to do. (see also: count on, rely on, bank on).
DEPEND ON somebody or something. ------- It's so hard to find a reliable hairdresser who you can depend on. --------------- (depend on) somebody or something.
LEAD sb ON ------- I don’t want to "lead Sandra on". ---------------------- lead somebody on.
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Dar falsas esperanzas. to make somebody believe something which is not true, especially that you love them or find them attractive.
LEAD sb ON ------- I thought Gladis loved me, but she was just "leading me on". ---------------------- lead somebody on.
GET ON TO somebody. ------- Let me "get on to" my attorney and see what he says. ------------------------- GET ON to somebody.
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Contactar a, consultar con. to contact somebody by telephone, letter or email.
GET ON TO somebody. ------- Richard Voughan said, for more information, GET ON TO my secretary. ------------------------- (GET ON TO) somebody.
(GET ON), or (GET ON IN YEARS). --------- My father is "getting on in years" and will retire soon. -------------------------------------- (GET ON), or (GET ON IN YEARS).
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Envejecer. To grow old, to become old or older.
(GET ON), or (GET ON IN YEARS). --------- As Donal is "getting on in years" he became more bitter. ----------- to (GET ON), or to (GET ON IN YEARS).

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