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SIT IN ON. ---------- We have some trainee teachers coming in today. They’re going to "sit in on" some classes and watch what we do. ---- SIT IN ON.
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Sentarse como observador oyente. Estar presente como observador oyente. To be present as an observator. to be present in a meeting or class without taking part in it.
SIT IN ON. ---------- Two observers from the United Nations "sat in on" the election. ------ SIT IN ON.
SLEEP IN. ---------- I love "sleeping in" on Sunday mornings. Sometimes I don’t get up until midday. ------ sleep in.
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Dormir hasta tarde. to sleep longer in the morning than you normally do.
SLEEP IN. ---------- Elias likes to "sleep in" on Saturdays. ------ sleep in.
stand in. (UK). ---------- Our teacher Melany couldn’t come today, so the school had to find another teacher to "stand in" for her. ----- stand in. (UK).
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Sustituir, tomar el lugar de alguien por el momento. to do someone else's job for a short period of time, or to take someone else's place at an event, because that person cannot be there. (see also: fill in, sit in for). (MAINLY BRITISH & AUSTRALIAN).
stand in. (UK). ---------- The vicepresident will be "standing in" for the President at the United Nations. ----- STAND IN. (UK).
STEP IN. ---------- If the teacher hadn’t "stepped in" and stopped the boys from fighting, they could have really hurt each other. ------- step in.
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Intervenir. to get involved in an argument or a difficult situation, in order to try to stop it or to deal with it.
STEP IN. ---------- I try not to "step in" and sort out the kids' arguments but sometimes I just have to. ------ step in.
cockpit. ---------- The pilot lowered himself into the "cockpit" and strapped himself in. ------ cockpit.
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cabina de avion o bote. the area in a boat, airplane, etc., where the pilot or driver sits.
cockpit. ---------- Before 9/11, children were allowed to visit the pilot in the "cockpit" during a flight. ------ cockpit.
STRAP somebody IN/INTO. ---------- The kids need "strapping in" their seats in the back. ------ STRAP somebody IN/INTO.
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Poner el cinturón a. to fasten someone into a seat using a strap.
STRAP somebody IN/INTO. ---------- The pilot lowered himself into the cockpit and "strapped himself in". ------ STRAP somebody IN/INTO.
EAT IN ------- Ceci said, I don’t feel like going out to a restaurant. Let’s stay home and "eat in" tonight. ------ eat in.
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Tragar en casa. to have a meal at home, not in a restaurant. (Eatiar Ines).
EAT IN ------- Ines said, we're "eating in" tonight as we want to go to bed early. --------- EAT IN.
EAT INTO somethig. ---------- Emmy said, Inflation is "eating into" my savings. Every year prices rise and I can buy less with the money I’ve put away for the future. ------- (eat into) something.
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Consumir una gran cantidad, gastar, usar algo en grandes cantidades. (Comer Hacia dentro). to use or take away a large part of something valuable [e.g. savings, profits, leisure time, business].
EAT INTO somethig. ---------- Alberto Alonso said, that the high cost of living in London is "eating into" my savings. ------- EAT INTO something.
ENGAGE IN sth. -------- The power company is "engaged in" a dispute with local people over the construction of a dam that would destroy many villages. ----------- ENGAGE IN something.
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Comprometerse en, provocar... to cause (someone) to take part in (something)... (see also: involve in).
ENGAGE IN sth. -------- Donal has "engaged in" a dispute with his former business partner. ------ (engage in) something.
ENTER INTO something. ---------- The government has "entered into" an agreement to help companies cover the cost of reducing pollution by lowering their taxes. ----- ENTER INTO something.
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Entrar en. to start to take part in an official discussion or other formal activity.
ENTER INTO something. ---------- The government had "entered into" a genuine dialogue with the terrorists. ----- (enter into) something.
INTEREST somebody IN something. ---------- Soon after he walked into the showroom, the salesman said, ‘Can I "interest you in" one of these fabulous new sports cars, sir?’ ------- (interest somebody in) something.
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Ofrecer, despertar el interés en. to try to persuade someone that they want something.
INTEREST somebody IN something. ---------- Can I "interest you in" a quick drink before lunch?. ------- INTEREST somebody IN something.
hopeless. ---------- I’m "hopeless" if I don’t get enough sleep. ----- hopeless.
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desastre, inutil. unable to be helped or improved: very bad.
I was "hopeless" at school... The buses round here are "hopeless".
INVITE sb IN ---------- Thanks for the lift home said, Sandra. I’d "invite you in" for a drink, but I have to get up early in the morning, and I’m hopeless if I don’t get enough sleep. -------- INVITE sb IN.
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invitar a pasar. to ask someone to come into your house, for example after you have been out with them.
INVITE sb IN ---------- Did she "invite you in" for a cup of coffee?. ------- invite somebody in.
JUMP IN -------- Jane said, hey Mike If you want to say something during the meeting, just "jump in". You don’t have to raise your hand. -------- jump in.
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Intervenir repentinamente, meterse en, Involucrarse en, meterse en, inmescuirse en. to interrupt someone when they are speaking or to become involved in a situation very quickly. (see also: join in).
JUMP IN -------- The record company "jumped in" with a multi-million dollar deal. ---- jump in.
JOIN IN ------- We only need one more player for this game - can you persuade your sister to "join in"?. ------- join in.
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Participar en. inmescuirse en. formar parte en. to become involved in an activity with other people. (see also: jump in, weigh in).
JOIN IN ------- My students love to have discussions in class. Even the shy ones "join in" after a while and tell us their opinions. ------- join in.
GO INTO. -------- Let’s not "go into" that topic now son. We can talk about it later when we get home. ------- GO INTO.
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Entrar en tema o detalle. to describe, discuss, or examine something in a detailed way. (see also: get onto go off).
April mentioned that she'd had an accident but she didn't "go into" it in any detail. ------- GO INTO.

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