Phrasal verbs BE

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be about to
He was was about to leave when the phone rang.
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(int) be on the point of
He ... leave when the phone rang.
be after
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(tr) chase
The police were after the thief.
be down with
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(tr) be ill with; go down with John is down
John is down with the flu.
be for
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(tr) be in favour of (opp: be against) They are(all) for the proposal to build a leisure centre.
They are(all) for the proposal to build a leisure centre.
be in for
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(tr) expect sth, usu bad
We are in for bad weather.
be off
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(tr) be absent from school/work John isn't in his office. He's off for two days.
be on
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(tr) be shown on TV, at the cinema/ theatre etc There's a good film on at the Metro.
be out
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1) (int) be unfashionable Long skirts are out this season. 2) (int) (of light/fire) have stopped burning. The fire is out - that's why it's cold in here.
be over
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(int) have come to an end The film starts at 8.00 and will be over at 10.00.
be through with
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(int) have ended a relationship/job etc I'm through with Tom; he's so selfish.
be up to
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1) (tr) be capable of Let's take the train - I don't think I'm up to driving so far. 2) (tr) feel like doing sth usu sth wrong The children must be up to something - they're very quiet.

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