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(LEVEL) the level or point at which you start to experience something, or at which something starts to happen:
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His secretary earns £268 a month, well below the threshold for paying tax.
to work slowly and meticulously through something
przedzierać się przez coś (to move along a route full of obstacles; to travel, usually on foot, through an area of heavy vegetation or through a crowd of people or things)
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make one's way through something
beginning at a particular time and continuing after it:
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I'm usually at home from five o'clock onwards.
a person who is lazy and has no desire to be successful
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Marty is such a slacker.
to focus on something and not pay attention to anything else
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glued to (something)
He spent the whole evening glued to the screen.
to relax
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Watching TV helps me unwind after a long day at work.
to agree with or support something
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on board
It seems like everyone is on board with the plan.
to earn enough money to buy the things you need:
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make a living
Everyone has to make a living. You can make a good living (= earn a lot of money) in sales if you have the right attitude.
to suddenly increase
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Oil prices surged this week in response to political events in the region.
the state of being calm and peaceful
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I love the tranquility of living in the countryside.
zmieniać się, różnić się
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Civita is a small town in central Italy with a population that varies from 7 people in winter to 100 in summer
gdzie indziej
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Young residents used to leave the town for jobs elsewhere
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zabytek, historyczne miejsce
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monument, historic place
an occasion when private information can be seen by people who should not be able to see it:
naruszenie danych, wyciek danych
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data breach
What to do if you receive a data breach notification
odosobniony, zaciszny
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to be successful in the work that you do:
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get ahead
She will never get ahead unless she works harder.
to reduce something by half or divide something into two equal pieces
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According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, farming profits have almost halved since 2013.
Jakie jest twoje zdanie na ten temat?
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What is your take on the subject?
the largest portion
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lion's share
She claimed the lion's share of the credit for the show's success.
zakończyć pracę
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call it a day
it is time to call it a day
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To nic dziwnego
start learning
It’s little wonder
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prąd zstępujący
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rola w filmie
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przesłuchanie, próba
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to become a particular age or time:
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to turn
She turned 18 last year.
to spend a period of time doing something:
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serve time -​ to spend time in prison
He served four years in prison for robbery. After he'd served his apprenticeship he set up his own business.
to make someone believe something that is not true
łudzić, zwodzić
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to be helped by something or to help someone:
czerpać korzyści z
start learning
benefit from
I feel that I have benefited greatly from her wisdom. How can we benefit those who most need our help?
to cause something or someone to start burning:
start learning
set sth/sb on fire
to attack someone (set)
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set on/upon sb
About 10 men armed with knives, sticks and a handgun set upon her after she tried to stop them robbing his car
(GO) If people turn out for an event, they go to be there or to watch:
pojawić się, zebrać się (turn)
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turn out
The protesters who turned out on Friday carried placards demanding "Justice for Vanesa"
to think that a problem or situation is caused by a particular thing:
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put sth down to sth
The mistake was reported by the territory's auditor-general who put it down to human error.
środki bezpieczeństwa
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security precautions
Mitigating the risks requires only common-sense security precautions and a degree of vigilance
dusić się
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to suffocate
Experts say they could have been killed by harmful algae, fish hooks or could have suffocated while trapped in the nets.
wrócić do pracy (idom)
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back to porridge
porridge to owsianka
to become familiar with and confident in a new situation
stawać na nogi, wdrożyć się
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find your feet
Did it take you long to find your feet when you started your new job?
to do nothing for a period of time, usually while you are waiting for something to happen:
start learning
twiddle your thumbs
I arrived early for the meeting so I was twiddling my thumbs for half an hour.

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