lista de verbos

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to win

to wear/carry

start learning
to paint

to learn

to work

to sing

to have breakfast

to wait

to help

to wash

to copy

to play/touch

to practice

to clean

to buy

to love

to steal

to take/drink

to draw

to read

to talk

to listen

to smoke

to write

to dance

to run

to swim

to study

to walk

to drink

to eat

to ski

to mop

to sweep

to ride

to cry

to drive

to relax

to look for/search

to watch/look at

start learning
to understand

to attend

to believe

to jump

to lift

to change

to live

to take out

to dry

start learning
to cut

to sell

to recieve

to pay

to insist

to prepare

to organize

to like

to really like

to conclude

start learning
to establish

to construct

to destroy

to include

to influence

start learning
to substitute

start learning
to contribute

to flee

to cook

to cut

to need

to open

to prepare

to run away

to hate

to thank

to grow

to obey

to recognize

to conduct/lead

to shave

start learning
to fix

start learning
to brush

start learning
to get up

to do/make

to put/place

to have

to say/tell

to leave

to come

to know information

to know people

to choose

to pick up

to fit

to bring

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