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tall / short; fat / slim; big / medium / small

Adjectives provide information
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about nouns.

They come before the noun:
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Thank God the chatty parrot is sleeping.

They don't change depending on number:
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Blacky is my black cat. I have eight cats and I'm still lucky.

Life is full of surprises!
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mom: beautiful, blonde. dad: handsome, hairy. daughter: ugly, freckly.
freckle: one of several small brown marks on someone’s face or arms: The sun gives me freckles.

You can be: polite
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speaking or behaving in a way that shows respect for other people OPP impolite, rude

someone who is dishonest deceives people, for example by lying, stealing, or cheating OPP honest

slightly angry and easily annoyed

liking to talk a lot in a friendly way

having an exaggerated sense of one's own importance or abilities.

possessing courage.

not feeling nervous.

showing sharp intelligence.

affected with madness.

a wise person is able to use their knowledge and experience of life to make good decisions and give good advice

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distrust: a feeling that you cannot trust someone SYN mistrust

unusual and strange

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having great excitement and interest.

painfully desiring what someone else has.

warm, comforting

causing laughter or amusement

without companions, solitary.

kind, friendly

using words in a sense that is contrary to their meaning

foolish, lacking common sense.

using quick and inventive verbal humor.

strong person: a tough person is strong or determined, and not easily upset

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believing that good things will happen in the future OPP pessimistic

rude or showing no respect, sometimes in an amusing way
atrevido, descarado

a gossipy person enjoys talking about other people and their lives

unhappy because someone you like or love is showing interest in another person

girly but wicked
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A very feminine girl. Very feminine in her movements. Very feminine looking. What you call a girl that is very feminine. Very bad or evil.

someone who is lazy does not like working or doing things that need effort

crazy, silly, or angry

nervous and embarrassed about meeting or talking to other people

disapproving: too proud of yourself, especially of your appearance vanity

caring only about yourself and not about other people OPP unselfish

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someone who eats too much

strange and unacceptable, often in a sexual way

You can feel: upset, angry
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unhappy because something unpleasant or disappointing has happened; feeling or showing anger.

not happy

warm in English
slightly hot, especially in a pleasant way OPP cool

hot in English
having a high temperature OPP cold

experiencing worry, unease or nervousness.

feeling embarrasment.

cool in English
having a moderately low temperature.

feeling good having feelings of pleasure, for example because something good has happened to you or because you are satisfied with your life OPP sad, unhappy

very unhappy

worried and unable to relax in a way that makes you get angry or upset easily

cold in English
something that is cold has a low temperature OPP hot, warm

if you are hungry, you want to eat

if you are thirsty, you want or need to drink something

showing signs or symptoms of mental or emotional illness.

having a sensation of losing one's balance.
when you are able to stand and walk steadily, without falling; estabilidade, equilíbrio.

possessing good health.

unhealthy, sick.

needing or feeling ready for sleep.

feeling troubled or uncomfortable.

feeling uneasy or concerned about something.

I am bored. Only boring people get bored.
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are adjectives that can end in ED and ING.
I am bored. Only boring people get bored.

Adjectives ENDING IN ED
Laura was bored by the movie.
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describe how people feel.
Laura was bored by the movie.

Adjectives ENDING IN ING
Laura didn't enjoy the movie because it was boring.
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describe how people or things are.
Laura didn't enjoy the movie because it was boring.

feeling astonished.
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causing astonishment.

feeling entertained
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causing entertainment

feeling angry, irritated
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causing anger, irritation

feeling tired and not interested
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not interesting, tedious

feeling unable to understand
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causing desorientation

feeling sad due to failed expectations
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not living up to expectations

feeling enthusiastic
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causing enthusiasm

feeling afraid
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causing fear

feeling interest
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causing interest

feeling irritation
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causing irritation

feeling astonishment or shock
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causing astonishment or shock

feeling intense pleasure and excitement
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causing intense pleasure and excitement

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When using more than one adjective, you have to put them in the RIGHT ORDER according to type.
1- opinion 2- size 3- age 4- shape 5- colour 6- origin 7- material 8- purpose

a silly young Spanish man
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silly 1- opinion young 3- age Spanish 6- origin

the huge round wood bowl
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huge 2- size round 4- shape wood 7- material

my lovely red dancing shoes
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lovely 1- opinion red 5- color dancing 8- purpose

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We are fed up with crumbs.
We want cheesecake! We want chocolate! and we want mint gum! crumbs- pieces of bread
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unable or unwilling to tolerate a situation any longer.

Everyone has a weakness, even those who look strong. This guy is very attached to his pacifier.
pacifier- a rubber object that a baby sucks so that he or she does not cry SYN dummy British English
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be fond of somebody/something to like someone or something very much

I'm hooked on coffee.
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addicted to

I'm fascinated by science fiction.
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compelled by or attracted to

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with the PREPOSITIONS that normally follow them

addicted to
My kids are addicted to surfing the Net.
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to like doing something so much that you spend all your free time doing it

afraid of
Kids who are afraid of the dark.
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frightened because you think that you may get hurt or that something bad may happen SYN frightened, scared

angry at
He felt angry at the injustice of the situation.
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feeling or showing anger

anxious about
I’m quite anxious about my exams.
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worried about something

ashamed of
Mike felt ashamed of his own behaviour. Some children are ashamed of their parents.
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feeling very sorry or guilty about something bad you have done, or someone in your family has done

attached to
Tom was very attached to his old teddy bear.
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like somebody/something be attached to somebody/something to like someone or something very much because you have known them for a long time

aware of
The children are aware of the danger. He was aware of the wind in his face.
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if you are aware of something, you know about it or realize that it is there OPP unaware

bad at
I was bad at tennis. bad at doing something I’m really bad at remembering people’s names.
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not skilful if you are bad at something, you cannot do it very well

bored with / by
She’s bored with doing the same thing every day. I’m so bored with my job.
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tired and impatient because something is uninteresting or you have nothing to do

capable of
Do you think he’s capable of murder? He is capable of looking after himself.
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capable of (doing) something having the qualities or ability needed to do something OPP incapable

careful of
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giving a lot of thought and attention to something:

concerned about
I’m concerned about his eyesight.
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worried about something important
the ability to see poor/good/perfect etc eyesight

crazy about
Lee’s crazy about cats.
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to like someone or something very much

curious about
I’m curious about how the system works.
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wanting to know or learn about something

different from
Our sons are very different from each other.
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not like something or someone else OPP similar

excited about
The kids are getting really excited about the trip.
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happy, interested, or hopeful because something good has happened or is expected

fascinated by
I am fascinated by space travel.
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extremely interested

fed up with
I’m fed up with this constant rain.
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annoyed or bored and wanting change

glad about
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pleased and happy about something

good at
Gill’s very good at sports.
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skilful able to do something well

happy about
I’m not very happy about this.
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You are older than me. I'm more beautiful.
I am the best. You are the most handsome. You are the nicest. The cutest guy.

One-syllable adjectives ending in consonant
old, tall, long
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add ER / add EST
older / oldest; taller / tallest; longer / longest

One-syllable adjective with final -e
large, wise
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add -r / add -st
larger / largest; wiser / wisest

One syllable adjective ending with a single consonant with a single vowel before it
big, thin, fat
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dpuble the consonant and add -er / est
bigger / biggest; thinner / thinnest; fatter / fattest

Two-syllable adjectives
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use more / use most before the adjective
more careful / most careful

Two-syllable adjectives ending with -y
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change Y to I and add ER / EST
happier / happiest

Two-syllable adjectives ending with-er, -le, or -ow
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add ER / EST
narrower / narrowest

Three or more syllables
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use more and most before the adjective
more beautiful / most beautiful

good, bad, far, little, many
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irregular adjectives
better / best, worse / worst, farther / farthest, less / least, more / most

Two-syllable adjectives that follow two rules
clever, gentle, friendly, quiet, simple
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add -er or -est or more and most
cleverer, gentler, friendlier, quieter, simpler or...

AS ... AS
She is as old as me / I am. She is as beautiful as me. But there is a small difference. I'm not as stupid as she is.
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As is used to compare things that are equal.
It can also be used in negatives and questions: I'm not as stupid as her / she. Is she as beautiful as me / I (am)?

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