lesson 5 SIMPLE PAST

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Question English
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I was on the Titanic, but not with Leonardo DiCaprio.
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Damn it!
Diabo! Que se lixe!

to be in the simple past
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I was, you were, he was, she was, it was, we were, you were, they were

to make questions, invert the subject and the verb
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Was I, Were you, was he, was she, was it, were we, were you, were they?

to make negatives, insert not after the conjugated form of to be
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I was not, you were not, he was not, she was not, it was not, we were not, you were not, they were not.

Simple Past
She lived... She was young. She loved a man. She dreamed. She lived through terible and wonderful things.
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Subject + Past Form
She sang. And still does! This is her and her walker.

The SIMPLE PAST describes an action or situation in the past. When the event is in the past:
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My childhood was happy.

The SIMPLE PAST describes an action or situation in the past. When the event is completely finished:
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I washed all the dishes.

The SIMPLE PAST describes an action or situation in the past. When we say (or understand) the time / place of the event:
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I woke up in Phil's bed.

I managed to eat 51 boiled eggs. I robbed a bank.
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I hula danced. I had a dozen lovers in a month. I lived the glam life.

forming the simple past tense
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With regular verbs,
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The Simple Past is created simply adding ED

but with some verbs it is a little different: for verbs ending in E:
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add D

but with some verbs it is a little different: For verbs ending in consonant + Y
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change Y to I and add ED

but with some verbs it is a little different: For verbs ending in one vowel + one consonant (but not W / Y)
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double the consonant and add ED

but with some verbs it is a little different: For verbs ending in anything else
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add ED

to make a Simple Past question use:
Did you love her?
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Did you love me? I never did.

to make a Simple Past negative use:
I didn't go.
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DID + NOT= DIDN'T I didn't go to school today.

there are many irregular verbs in English that do not add ED in the past form.
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Irregular verbs

arise, arose, arisen
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awake, awoke, awoken
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stop sleeping

beat, beat, beaten
storm, lightning, suspenders (AmE), braces (BrE), bow tie
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He has a heart but it doesn't beat anymore.

cling, clung, clung
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hold on tightly
agarrar-se a alguma coisa/alguém

creep, crept, crept
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move slowly
mover-se sorrateiramente

dive, dove, dived
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plunge into water

fit, fit, fit
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be the right size or shape

flee, fled, fled
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run away

fling. flung, flung
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throw forcefully

grind, ground, ground
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reduce to small pieces by crushing

kneel, knelt, knelt
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support oneself on one's knees

knit, knit, knit & knit, knitted, knitted
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work wool with needles

prove, proved, proved/proven
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demonstrate the truth

quit, quit, quit
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stop an activity / leave the job

seek, sought, sought
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try to locate / search for

sew, sewed, sewn
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stitch with needle and thread

shave, shaved, shaven
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cut hair off with a razor

speed, sped, sped
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move quickly

spin, spun, spun
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rotate quickly

spit, spat, spat
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eject from the mouth

spring, sprang, sprung
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move upward or forward; to move or jump suddenly and quickly

I forbid you to smoke.

hang, hung, hung & hang, hanged, hanged
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Little Monkey hanged Thomas while he hung from a tree.

to lead/lead led led
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He leads the gang. They are easily led.

to lend: lend, lent, lent & borrow
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Mrs. Sharp borrowed a little thing from Mr. Sharp.Mr. Sharp didn't want to lend it to her. She pretended to understand but she didn't. When night came and the snores of Mr. Sharp got louder, she raised the knife... and cut! Then she could sleep soundly.

to sew: sew, sewed, sewn
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Mr. Smith sewed half of his pretty neighbor's body and half of his butcher's body together. Now he has the perfect wife. Or does he have the perfect husband?
needle, thread 1 linha [de costura] 2 (de uma história, conversa, etc.) fio

stink, stank, stunk
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emit bad smell

strike, struck, struck
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to hit someone or something; hit with the hand or a weapon

swear, swore, sworn
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make a solemn statement or promise; to use rude or offensive language

sweep, swept, swept
Who says that men don't clean?
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clean with a broom
a brush with a long handle, used for sweeping floors

swing, swung, swung
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move back and forth suspended
forth {adv.} PT adiante para a frente forth PT em diante

tread, trode, trodden
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step on
to put your foot on or in something

upset, upset, upset
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make someone distressed.

weave, wove, woven & weaved, weaved
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make by interlacing threads

weep, wept, wept
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withdraw, withdrew, withdrawn
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take back or away

wring, wrung, wrung
For a good wash, wring tightly.
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twist to extract liquid

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