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to walk, to fly, to jump, to swim, to run, to ride

Mrs. Parker plays the piano every Sunday.

They pray to one God.

Mrs. Richardson always dances effusively.

Mrs. White sings with a deep voice.

Mr. Adams likes stand at the back of the church to see everything.

to hug, to throw, to rest
abraçar, atirar, descansar

to realize
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The day after arguing with his wife, hugging her, getting dishes thrown at him and resting, Jeff realized he was wearing his slippers on the way back home from work.
dar-se conta de que

to take a shower
Between showers, he works in an organization that fights global warming.
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He takes a shower when he gets up, after the gym, after having sex and before going to bed.

She is a little dirty. She gets dirty even when she brushes her teeth.

He usually combs his hair with gel because his lover likes it.

He wears this hat and these glasses to feel like a more interesting person.

She is undoing the buttoms of her shirt to do a striptease for her gynecologist.

Some things you can do with a foot
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lick, slobber on, kiss, suck, bite, daydream
to move your tongue across the surface of something; to let saliva (= the liquid produced in your mouth) come out of your mouth and run down

to think about pleasant things so that you forget what you should be doing

Tim was a sensitive and delicate boy. His classmate used to laugh at him. One day after school, Tim was shot by a slingshot. He lost an eye.
mastigar, mascar

Ever since that day, Tim walks around school with a hole in his face, chewing and blowing what looks like his lost eye.
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Now, Tim is every kid's nightmare.

to get has a lot of meanings!


get the bus
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get the ball
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get the lesson
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get groceries
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get a letter
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the imperative
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To give a direct order
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Take your hands off my legs.

On signs and notices
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Do not touch.

To give instructions
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Carry on when you get to the edge.
to continue doing something; the part of something that is furthest from the centre

To give informal advice
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Tell him how much you hate him.

Sit closer, please.

Stand clear of the closing door, please.
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If you see something, say something.

The F line poem
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Take the F line to Brooklyn
if you are lucky, you'll arrive in the evening.

Let's go to Avenue N
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where English class will never end.

Go past Avenue I
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then Bay Parkway you'll see with your eyes.

Don't miss the cemetery from the train!
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Next stop is Avenue N but suddenly you are on Avenue P. Isn't Avenue N where you should be?

The F line is unpredictable
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from local to express service, it's quite variable.

Get back on the F line to Manhattan
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if you don't want to take a walk on Coney Island.

So wait for the next train on Avenue P
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your frozen nose you will see.

Hey! Not so bad, the F train is coming
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but again you miss Avenue N until tomorrow morning.

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