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there's a bit of an echo from your end
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hay un poco de eco de tu parte

there's a lot of interference coming from your end
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hay mucha interferencia viniendo de tu lado

i hear some background noise
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Escucho un ruido de fondo

you're out of focus
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i can't see you clearly

problemas técnicos. we've been having unexpected problems in the system all morning

there's a bit of a lag, so i don't hear you right away
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hay un poco de retraso, así que no te escucho bien

canal codificado. it looks scrambled and you can't see anything


choppy, jerky
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entrecortado (canal de tv)

parking lot
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let's not digress
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no noa alejemos del objetivo

i don't want to stray too far off topic
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no quiero alejarme demasiado del tema

looking back at the agenda
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volviendo a...

i want to keep tuis brief and to the point
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quiero que eato sea breve y conciso

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