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to fail to take an opportunity because you didn't act quickly enough
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to miss the boat
what people do is more important than what they say
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actions speak louder than words
if something bad is being said about someone, or if something seems bad, there is probably a good reason behind it
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no smoke without fire
something is not going to continue for much longer (e.g. someone is going to lose his job)
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somebody's days are numbered
an activity or situation (especially a job or career) in which there is a lot of competition and people are too busy to relax or enjoy themselves
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rat race
don't expect or wait for something (usually something good) to happen, because it probably won't happen
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don't hold your breath
someone who spoils other people's fun by being negative and complaining
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wet blanket
to give somebody up-to-date information about what is happening
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to keep someone posted
to be very courageous
mieć jaja!
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to have the guts
to do something that is against your beliefs
sprzedać duszę
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to sell your soul
something is very boring
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something is like watching paint dry
something that cannot be changed or altered
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something is set in stone
a short summary of some information
w skrócie
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in a nutshell
to avoid taking resposibility by saying that someone else is responsible
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to pass the buck
when we see someone we haven't seen or heard from for ages, this is often the first phrase out of mouths
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long time no see
John, wow, it must have been 10 years, long time no see!
phrase used to greet each other that means - what's new, what have you been doing?
Jak się masz? Co u ciebie?
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How it's going? / What have you been up to?
when we have something we want to keep private or secret and we want our friends not to reveal this
Nie wygadaj się!
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Don't let the cat out of the bag!
I've just bought my girlfriend a dream holiday - but she doesn't know yet! So don't let the cat out of the bag!
general way of offering or asking for help
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Can I give you a hand? / Can you give me a hand?
Can you give me a hand with these heavy bags?
when something is very likely to happen, originally when something was predicted by a fortune teller
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It's on the cards
I've been top salesman for the last 12 months and the director position has just become vacant - I think a promotion could be on the cards!
when something happens that you could never have predicted
ni z gruchy, ni z pietruchy
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Out of the blue
I hadn't seen him for years, when out of the blue he gave me a phone call!
when someone says that he gained his experience or knowledge in the 'real world', not from some kind of school
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The University of Life
completed or finished, usually spoken with pride
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Done and dusted!
Right, that's the entire complete business plan, 150 pages - done and dusted!
to relax and enjoy yourself
rozluźnić, rozerwać się
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Let your hair down
You've been working too hard lately. You really should take an evening off, go out and let your hair down!
to relax and do nothing, often at home
leżeć do góry brzuchem
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Put your feet up
I'm so tired of working every evening. Tonight I'm just going to put my feet up and watch a DVD.
an item for sale that is used
używany, z drugiej ręki
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Second hand
Well, believe it or not, we picked it up second hand on eBay.
this means 'in good condition', such as when you are buying 'second hand'
w dobrym stanie
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In good nick
I bought off a friend who had for years, but it's in good nick!
to flatter somebody, often in order to get them to do something for you
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Butter up
The boss looks like she's in a bad mood, if you want to leave early maybe you should try and butter her up!
when you extravagantly pay a lot of monet for something
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Splash out
When did you splash out on that new suit?
used when talking about work you do to survive, or get by
(ledwo) wiązać koniec z końcem
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Make ends meet
Really Steve, you're working as a rubbish collector? Well I need to make ends meet somehow!
means a risky situation that almost ended in disaster
upiec się, poszczęścić
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A close shave
We'd parked the car in a reserved spot and saw a ticket inspector pass, but he didn't fine us - it was a close shave!
this phrase is used with items that need to be replaced because they are worn out
na wykończeniu
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On its last legs
The car is making a funny noise again - I thinkg it's on its last legs!
to be attracted to somebody
podkochiwać się, darzyć kogoś sympatią, czuć do kogoś miętę
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To fancy someone
Have you noticed the way Sharon does whatever David wants? I think she really fancies him.
when you are feeling miserable or sad
być w dołku
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Down in the dumps
What's wrong, you look down in the dumps?
when something happens just when you need it to, or you are just in time for something
w ostatniej chwili, w samą porę
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In the nick of time
I thought i was going to miss the last train, but we got to the station in the nick of time!
a promising situation that turned out to be nothing, or a waste of time
szukanie igły w stogu siania
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Wild goose chase
I went to three interviews and even bought a new suit, but they had already filled the vacancy - it was just a wild goose chase
this means something has very little or not possibility of hapening
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A cat in hell's chance
You know, there's a cat in hell's chance of that awful guy becoming the new boss, I wouldn't worry about it!
if you say this, it means you agree to do something often spontaneous, fun and a little risky
wchodzę w to
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I'm game
We've been talking about a parachute jump for ages, so what about the weekend - are you game?
the final insult, that makes you take big action!
kropla, która przepełniła kielich
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The last straw
I put up with her being late, being rude, and not doing any work, but when she made that comment about me, it was the last straw and I had to fire her.
przelać czarę goryczy
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The last straw that breaks the camel's back
to produce a very surprising, positive result
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To pull something out of the hat
I know that it's a difficult situation, but if we want to suceed then we'll just have to pull something out of the hat!
this means you can say something to someone again and again, but they won't understand
rzucać grochem o ścianę
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Until you're blue in the face
You can tell him that until you're blue in the face, but he just won't listen to you.
you say this when you want to comment that somebody just realised something important
połączyć wątki
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The penny dropped
I had seen them together a couple of times and didn't notice, but then the penny dropped and I realised they were in a relationship.
this means when you are released from a difficult situation or excused from any blame
zwolniony z podejrzeń / obowiązku
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Off the hook
OK, so David has said he will clean up the mess so thats you off the hook
to talk about something
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to dish on something
to frighten someone very much
przerazić do szpiku kości
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to chill somebody to the bone/marrow
dotrzymać warunków umowy
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to keep one's end of the bargain

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