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Welcome to VocApp!
Press ' next' to start the tutorial.
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The following screens will tell you briefly how VocApp works.
VocApp allows you to learn using flashcards.
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Flashcards are grouped into lessons. Lessons are grouped into courses.
What is a flashcard?
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A flashcard is a small two-sided ' sheet of paper'.
On the one side there is a question, on the other - the answer.
What is a lesson?
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A lesson is a set of flashcards on a specific topic.
For example, ' Animals in English'.
What is a course?
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A course is a collection of lessons.
For example, Basic English.
Do I need to have Internet access to use Vocapp?
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Yes, you have to be connected to Internet.
Learning without Internet access will be possible in one of the upcoming versions.
Do I need to register?
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No, if you already have an account on
You may also try out the application without logging in, but some features will not be available for you.

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