German Prepositions

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anstatt / statt
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instead of (G)

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outside of (G)

inside of (G)

despite / in spite of (G)

during (G)

because of (G)

until / to / by (Akk)

through / by (Akk)

along / down (Akk)

for (Akk)

against / for (Akk)

without (Akk)

around / for (Akk)

out of (D)

except for / besides (D)

at / near (D)

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accross from (D)

with / by (D)

after / to (D)

since / for (D)

by / from (D)

at / to (D)

at / on / to (Akk or D)

Legen Sie das Buch auf den Tisch. (Akk) Das Buch liegt auf dem Tisch. (D)
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at / to (Akk or D)
Put the book on the table. (motion towards) The book's lying on the table. (location)

behind (Akk or D)

Wir gehen ins Kino. (Akk) Wir sind im Kino. (D)
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in / into (Akk or D)
We're going to the cinema. (motion towards) We're at the cinema. (location)

beside / near (Akk or D)

about / above (Akk or D)

under / among (Akk or D)

in front of / before (Akk or D)

between (Akk or D)

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