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Cosa indosserai per la festa?
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What are you going to wear for the party?

E' un bel giorno, andrò a camminare
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It's a nice day, I'm going walk

Andrò ad Amsterdam
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I'm going to Amsterdam

Ho fame, andrò a mangiare
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I'm hungry, I'm going to eat

Andrò a coricarmi per un ora
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I'm going to lie down for one hour

Sono le 9, sarò in ritardo
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It's nine o'clock, I'm going to be late

sto' per fare una doccia
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I'm going to have a shower

ho intenzione di comprare una nuova macchina
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I'm going to buy a new car

uscirò con alcuni amici, perchè non vieni con noi?
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I'm going out with some friends, why do not you come with us?

c'è un meeting domani ma io non andrò
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there is a meeting tomorrow but I'm not going

i miei genitori andranno in vacanza la settimana prossima. Dove andranno?
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my parents are going on holliday next week. Where are they going?

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