frazale struktury 2

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stop working (for a machine etc.)
start learning
break down
perform an experiment, Etc
start learning
carry out
start learning
come off
this is stupid plan I will be surprised if it COMES OFF
develop or make progress
start learning
come on
Your piano playing is really COMING ON, isn't it?
think of (an idea, a plan, Etc)
start learning
come up with
stop the supply of something
start learning
cut off
discover information, Etc
start learning
find out
produce something such as heat or a smell
start learning
give off
The fridge gets hot next to the cooker because the cooker gives off a lot of heat.
reduce the number of possibilities
start learning
narrow down
connect to the electricity Supply
start learning
connect by phone
start learning
put through
I will just PUT you THROUGHT to the supervisor.
change into something different
start learning
turn into
stop a machine working
start learning
turn off
find the solution to a problem, Etc
start learning
work out

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