Food you should taste in Spain

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Maybe Is the most famous dish in Spain. Is made with rice, chicken, rabit and some vegetables
The best paellas are made in the valencian comunity and in another places of Spain they don´t do the real traditional paellas.
Chocolate con churros
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: The best to warm up the cold days is a cup of hot chocolate with the typical sweet with sugar: the churros
The most famous chocolate shop is located in Madrid: Churrería San Ginés
Salmorejo and Gazpacho
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Both are tomato creams but salmorejo only use tomato and gazpacho uses another vegetables like cucumber or peppe. Also, salmorejo is thicker than gazpacho
Are typical in Andalucía and is the most famous dish of summer.
Jamón Serrano
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Are the hind legs of the pig. The taste is salty and is very popular. Undoubtedly one of the tastiest products of Spanish gastronomy!
Tortilla de patata
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it's a peculiar way of cooking an omelet, adding in the eggs, portatos and onions.
In many places people know it as “tortilla española”
Pulpo a la gallega
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Is a traditional plate of Galicia but you can eat it in another places of Spain. Is cooked octopus with paprika and sometimes with potatos.
Traditionally served on a wooden plate

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