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The grass is still damp. This shirt still feels a bit damp. It was a damp, misty morning.
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slightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable
once in a while
Once in a while she phoned him
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from time to time; occasionally
staple food
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food that is eaten routinely
get along
I don't really get along with my sister's husband
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be friendly
to keep out of trouble
that will keep you out of trouble
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to avoid a trouble
The Eiffel Tower is a remarkable feat of engineering
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something difficult needing a lot of skill, strength, courage, etc. to achieve it
like a house on fire
Those two got on/along like a house on fire. The business started out like a house on fire.
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extremely well: very successfully
You can substitute oil for butter in this recipe
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o use something or someone instead of another thing or person
substitute product (substitutes)
Energy drinks have become a substitute product for coffee. If cinema prices rise than stream demand rises as well.
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a product that can satisfy some of the same customer needs as another
if smartphones prices rise, the demand for online music declines
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pair of goods, increse of price one, reduce demand of another
here is a subtle difference between these two plans
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small but important:
The findings show a substantial difference between the opinions of men and women. She inherited a substantial fortune from her grandmother. The first draft of his novel needed a substantial amount of rewriting.
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large in size, value, or importance; Real; actual; true; not imaginary

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