famous French food - les fameux plats français

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famous French food
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les fameux plats français

classic French bread in a shape of a long loaf with crispy crust
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la baguette

the famous small buttery sponge cake in a shell-like shape from Marcel Proust's novel “In Search of Lost Time”
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la madeleine

roasted frog legs (It’s a joke. Despite the myth, French people seldom if ever eat that. Sometimes restaurants offer frog legs to tourists as a French culinary curiosity)
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les cuisses (f) de grenouille

the traditional French breakfast pastry, a buttery flaky bread roll in crescent shape, made of layered yeast-leavened dough
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le croissant

a dish made from snails (snail meet) cooked in their shells with butter
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les escargots de Bourgogne

specially fattened duck or goose liver
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le foie gras

"burnt cream", the classic French dessert consisting of a custard base made with cream, egg yolks and sugar, flavoured with vanilla and topped with caramelised sugar
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la crème brûlée

a very thin, sweet or savoury pancakes
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les crêpes (f)

the famous black or white mushrooms, very tasty and expensive, growing underground on or near the roots of trees. They are prized for their strong, unique scent and flavor and used in small quantities to accent another food
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les truffes (f)

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