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wcześniej in English:

1. earlier

He decided to feed his dog the rabbit that he had shot earlier that day.
Earlier, as I was walking down the sidewalk, a car drove by and splashed water on me. Look at this! My skirt and shoes are all muddy.
Tom acknowledged that what he said earlier was not true.
Japan's gold and foreign exchange reserves stood at $68.9 billion at the end of 1998, down from $77.0 billion a year earlier.
If you want to catch the 7 o'clock bus, you must leave earlier.
I told you we should've gotten here earlier. Now there aren't any places left to sit.
Earlier in his life, he ran a hotel.
all those years earlier
He said that he was tired and that is why he'd like to go home earlier.
The job-seeking season is starting earlier each year and it's the mass media that are causing that trend by moving up their job interview schedule.
An earlier sense of a word need not be its present basic sense.
It is impossible to burn a copy of Dante's Inferno because the ice of the ninth layer of hell will put out any fires kindled with earlier pages.
We’ve all heard of outdated laws that remain on the books from earlier times, many of which are good for a few laughs.
Why didn't you tell us about this earlier? We'd have been able to do something about it.

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2. sooner

It was obvious to everyone that the marriage would sooner or later end in divorce.
The sooner, the better.
Sooner or later, she will appear.
If we hadn't lost our way, we would have been here sooner.
Sooner or later, every parent has to have a talk with their children about the birds and the bees.
If only the doctor had come a little sooner.
He sent me a letter to the effect that his poultry farm would go bankrupt sooner or later.
He and I have a near-telepathic understanding of each other. No sooner does one of us say something than the other is already responding.
No sooner had the younger brother gone into the forest than he found the river, swam across it, and there on the other side was the she-bear, fast asleep.
We all have a tendency to think that the world must conform to our prejudices. The opposite view involves some effort of thought, and most people would die sooner than think — in fact they do so.
You should have come here sooner instead of putting it off out of pride for so long.
For when a woman is left too much alone, sooner or later she begins to think;- And no man knows what then she may discover.
No sooner had we finished working on one tough problem than the president sent us yet another straight from the top.
What will a child learn sooner than a song?
Young people adapt themselves to something sooner than old people.

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3. in advance

Please contact us in advance.
It's best to book your hotel or campsite in advance.
Have you ever travelled somewhere without having booked somewhere to stay in advance?
He paid for three nights in advance.
pay in advance
You have to pay the full price in advance at the time of booking
It's hard to schedule my work in advance.
Thanks in advance. / pay in advance
In addition, suppliers are expected to give credit even though Dell is paid in advance.
I bought my plane ticket three months in advance to get a cheap fare.
Do you know about free days in advance?
We should inform the other party about any problems in advance.
· a delicious dish that can be prepared in advance z góry: · Some cell phone companies require you to pay in advance. · Many thanks, in advance, for your help.
(Why can schools not plan nativity play dates and times more than two weeks in advance?
I thank you in advance for your favourable consideration of my request.

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4. beforehand

We prepared snacks beforehand.
If you feel nervous speaking in public, practise your speech to the mirror beforehand.
I knew beforehand that would happen
Be sure to fill in the blanks from top to bottom beforehand.
How could she tell beforehand that I was going to go out?
Getting your thoughts organized beforehand makes writing the actual essay much quicker and easier, since you know what direction you're going in.
if you prepare the ingredients beforehand, the cooking will take you less time
I didn’t say anything beforehand – it was a surprise.
I'd rung up beforehand to book a table.
Take the syringe out of the packaging, but remember to disinfect your hands beforehand.
Parents are encouraged to enhance their children experience by preparing carefully for tge day beforehand. How could she tell beforehand that I was going to go out? I'd rung up beforehand to book a table.
The police need to be briefed beforehand on how to deal with this sort of situation.
Be sure to find out beforehand which one you should leave from.
I know better than to climb mountains in winter without making all necessary preparations beforehand.

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