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ostatni in English:

1. recent

This a recent photo?
What slips in and out of view in the background is the real estate slump of recent years.
With regard to your letter of July 22nd, I enclose our most recent catalogue.
The massacre in Norway and the recent rebellion and the booty in England, are dreadful in consideration of the circumstances that the world drifted into.
The major result from recent investigations of Emmet's theory has been that it can be applied to biochemistry as well.
A recent analysis by Boeing forecasts that unless safety is improved, jet airliners could be falling out of the sky at the rate of once a week by the year 2010.
In a recent article about activities to keep your brain young, they mention Esperanto along with Sudoku, which shows that Esperanto is becoming part of popular culture.
Google shows a special colorless version of its logo to countries that have experienced recent tragedy.
Recent overseas transfers show that productivity improvements in Japanese manufacturing industry have almost reached their limit.
Certainly there are inequalities in level of education even within a generation, but there have been no visible inequities between machines and materials in recent years.
The recent news about the Fukushima I nuclear power plant will likely strengthen the cause of the advocates who want to let our local nuclear power plant's license expire.
For we have learned from recent experience that when a financial system weakens in one country, prosperity is hurt everywhere.
This United Nations resolution calls for the withdrawal of Israel armed forces from territories occupied in the recent conflict.
In recent months, there has been a considerable increase in oil prices. 'Is this your recent photo?' - 'No, it was taken years ago.'
Every advance in civilization has been denounced as unnatural while it was recent.

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2. last

I retired last year.
Last Friday I ate dinner with my girlfriend in a restaurant.
How long did the film last? I'm sorry, I don't understand that last sentence. I'm telling you this for the last time
Last year, I spent so much time by myself that I almost forgot how to communicate effectively with others.
Tom adapted last year's lesson plans so he could use them with this year's lower level students.
It's unlikely that tomorrow's meeting will last over an hour.
I took a cooking class last spring and learned to bake bread.
There were some three thousand people who took part in the strike last week.
I haven't seen you for ages. Do you remember when I saw you last?
We met last year and hope to meet again next year.
Cherry blossoms last only for a few days, a week at the most.
The last time I read classical Japanese literature was in high school.
I hurried to the bus stop so that I would not miss the last bus.
Exports in January were up 20% over the same period of last year.
When the Englishman heard this last question, he could not believe his ears.

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3. the last one

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4. latter

By freeing thought from its object, Descartes made it possible to view the latter in strictly mechanical terms, reopening the way to science, suffocated for more than fifteen centuries under religious nonsense.
the latter half of 1989
If a coach is on a couch that's on a coach and the latter has a driver, then all is fine. If a coach is on a couch that's on a coach, but the driver drives the former, then the couch is crushed and the coach is dead.
Practice is as important as theory, but we are apt to value the latter and despise the former.
The end of which there were two little sketches of rhetoric and logic, the latter finishing with a specimen of a dispute in the Socratic method.
Health is above wealth; the latter gives less fortune than the former.
He did well in both schoolwork and sport and won a number of medals in the latter (=in sport).
Regarding captain and major, the latter rank is higher.
The latter will continue to develop along their own paths according to the needs of their own speakers.
The latter view has many supporters in Japan.
The higher classes constitute the mind of the single large whole of humanity; the lower classes constitute its limbs; the former are the thinking and designing part, the latter the executive part.
Reading English or Hebrew does not give this effect, although the latter belongs to Semitic languages
A ronin may not have the status of a daimyo, but he has the freedom that the latter may never have.

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5. final

Skipping classes can have an enormous negative impact on your final grade.
The final decision.
Take it seriously! The school festival won't wait for us. We're already in the final countdown.
You have our permission to include our software on condition that you send us a copy of the final product.
The race developed into a free-for-all but Shinomiya lapped the group and in the final stage steadily piled on points with good timing to achieve victory.
My final destination in China is the city of Harbin in the north-east, about one thousand kilometres from Beijing.
An individual with an annual income of more than 15 million yen is required to file his or her final tax return in March.
Due to this a lot of time was lost, it's possible that if it wasn't for this accident the final stage of the race would have been better.
His teachings are incorporated in a profound book Daode Jing which Taoists regard as the final authority and doctrines of the religion.
Regarding Professor Scott's final criticism I have nothing more to add to what I said in my previous reply.
The work of art, I decided, was the final product of human activity, and the final justification for all the misery, the endless toil and the frustrated strivings of humanity.
Then, with a final, terrible scream, the monster flung itself off the mountain to its death on the rocks below.
The game of shiritori is played by taking the final sound of the word spoken by the person before you, and then the next person looks for a word that begins with that sound.
At his final exam, Bob was really put through the wringer; the test covered everything that was in the course.
In this final tutorial, we look at multivariable cases.

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