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to place the blame on
The Government have ______________________ the worldwide economic crisis for our problems.
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zrzucić winę
The Government recently said our problems are the fault of the worldwide economic crisis.

cut across
You can save time if you cut across the car park, instead of going round it.
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iść na skróty; take a shorter way
Cut across this field if you're in a hurry.

cut back
The Chancellor of the Exchequer tried to cut back spending in his budget by increasing taxation on consumer goods. I've felt a lot better since I cut back smoking.
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redukować, ograniczyć spożycie (użycie); use less of something
You drink too much coffee. You should cut back.

cut in
You should have heard my father when that car cut in in front of him.
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wepchnąć się przed (o samochodzie); move suddenly in front of another car
A car cut in and forced us to slow down.

przeszkadzać, przerywać; interrupt
Would you mind not cutting in until I've finished speaking?

cut off
If you don't pay your electricity bill, they'll just come and cut you off!
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odłączyć, odciąć (elektryczność); disconnect
Our electricity was cut off as we didn't pay the bill on time.

cut off
Telephone wires are down in the region and some farms have been cut off since yesterday.
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odciąć, odizolować; isolate (usu places)
The flood cut off the village for a week.

cut out
In order to lose as much weight as possible, they cut out fat from their diet.
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wyciąć, pominąć; omit
Your article is fine provided you cut out the third paragraph.

cut out for
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być stworzonym do czegoś, nadawać się; be suited for (a profession)
I don't think I'm cut out for teaching/to be a teacher - I haven't got enough patience.

pociąć na małe kawałki; cut into small pieces
Cut up the meat for Johnny - otherwise he won't be able to eat it.

zredukować, ograniczać
If you can't give up smoking completely, then at least try to cut down a little.

cut off
Jane decided to have all her hair cut off at the weekend. It's really short.
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skrócić włosy

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