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Facts about Croatian

Croatian is a Slavic language that derived from Old Church Slavonic and differentiated from Serbian after independence in 1991. The language itself is really beautiful and so is the country it represents. If you're planning to learn Croatian phrases, you are probably interested to discover more about the Croatian language. We gathered some interesting facts that you need to know:

  • 1. Croatian is spoken by over 5 million people worldwide.
  • 2. The Croatian language is an official language in Croatia and Bosnia and Herzegovina.
  • 3. The alphabet used to write in Croatian is the Latin one, although Cyrillic was also used in the old times.
  • 4. Croatian is intelligible with Bosnian and Serbian with which it shares many similarities.
  • 5. The first mention about Croatian was in 1275 in the document called Istarski razvod.

Learn Croatian phrases

If you're looking for a way to learn basic Croatian, then this course will be perfect for you! It includes important Croatian phrases chosen by professional linguists. The Croatian phrases and words you will learn with this course will help you ask questions in Croatian, talk about people or activities. Furthermore, you will learn some untranslatable Croatian words that will be explained in our lesson. The course will introduce you to Croatian courtesy phrases, such as thank you in Croatian. You will learn some Croatian greetings as hello in Croatian. Each Croatian phrase or word will have its Croatian to English translation and explanation. You will also find example sentences and pronunciation in the course. Learn the Croatian phrases and repeat them to remember them forever! Our Spaced Repetition System will help you memorize the hardest Croatian phrases in no time! Download the Croatian phrases and words of this course as an audio or text file to learn on the go!

Continue learning Croatian

We hope our fun lessons motivated you to continue learning Croatian phrases! We have more courses for you to learn Croatian vocabulary, for example, the Croatian: day 2 course that will teach you to count in Croatian, some useful phrases, vocabulary about time and space, features in Croatian. More than that, it will introduce you to an example of a dialogue in Croatian and explain to you the main Croatian grammar. Learn more Croatian phrases with the Everyday phrases in Croatian course. You will learn Croatian phrases to use in a restaurant, in a hotel or at work. Besides, it includes Croatian phrases for an interview or a meeting. Learn Croatian easily and in a fun way with VocApp's flashcards!