Arabic in 1 day

Arabic in 1 day
Learn the basics of Arabic!

On your way to Dubai, Marrakech or Cairo, but no idea how to even say “hello”?
This first-day course will help you learn a few essentials in Arabic in no time!
With a simple outline and a step-by-step program, this course will help you feel more at ease with Arabic in general
Reading from right to left will feel as natural as ever!
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10 words in 10 seconds - 10 كلمات في 10 ثانية10 words in 10 seconds - 10 كلمات في 10 ثانية  
10 flashcards
You already know that:) - أنت تعرف بالفعل أن:)You already know that:) - أنت تعرف بالفعل أن:)  
9 flashcards
Questions - أسئلةQuestions - أسئلة  
10 flashcards
Courtesy Phrases - العبارات اليوميةCourtesy Phrases - العبارات اليومية  
16 flashcards
People - الناسPeople - الناس  
28 flashcards
Activities - أنشطةActivities - أنشطة  
17 flashcards
Untranslatable - غير قابل للترجمةUntranslatable - غير قابل للترجمة  
5 flashcards

Some reasons to learn Arabic

Arabic is spoken by around 300 million people worldwide, making it one of the most popular languages in the world. It is a Semitic language as Aramaic and Hebrew and it originated in West Asia. Arabic words are written from right to left using the Arabic alphabet. Arabic is very important internationally and is an official language of the UN. Here are some more reasons to start learning Arabic words right now:

  • 1. If you will know Arabic, it will help you find a job since it's in high demand all over the world.
  • 2. Learning Arabic words and phrases is very important if you want to learn more about the Arabic culture and Islam.
  • 3. Arabic words will help you while travelling to the Middle East and many other countries.
  • 4. The Arabic market is a great one for trade and if you will invest in it, you can benefit from the financial opportunities it offers.
  • 5. Learning Arabic words will help you if you plan to live in Arabia.
  • 6. Learning a new language is a great brain exercise. You will not only master a unique and interesting language but will also significantly improve your memory.
  • 7. Arabic is not as difficult as you think! It has a logical structure and is easy to learn for English speakers.

Learn Arabic with VocApp!

Our professional linguists created several Arabic courses that include the most important Arabic words and phrases for you to master. This particular course will introduce you to the Arabic vocabulary on several topics, including basic Arabic words about people, activities, greetings in Arabic. Moreover, after learning the vocabulary of this course, you will know how to form a question in Arabic and will discover some untranslatable Arabic words explained by our linguists. You will not only find the Arabic words with their translations to English in this course, but you will also listen and repeat their Arabic pronunciation. After this course, you will know the greetings in Arabic, will be able to ask for something and use Arabic phrases with the natives.

More Arabic resources

Continue learning Arabic words with the course Arabic: day 2. You will learn how are features called in Arabic, how to describe buildings, useful nouns in Arabic, vocabulary related to time, how to count in Arabic and much more. Our linguists prepared a lesson with the extremely simplified Arabic grammar explained with examples. It will allow you to start learning how to write in Arabic, to differentiate the genders and learn about the tenses in Arabic. Don't forget to take a look at this course and to download our app for more convenient learning!