Czech: day 2
Englishčeský jazyk

Czech: day 2
Ready to continue with Czech basics?

Important vocabulary in ten lessons
No matter what level of Czech language you are on, these words are must-know for everyone
Numbers, phrases, grammar basics… everything in one course!
Learn these basics to be prepared for your trip to beautiful Prague
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Numbers - ČíslaNumbers - Čísla  
60 flashcards
And, or, but, so - A, nebo, ale, takžeAnd, or, but, so - A, nebo, ale, takže  
23 flashcards
Space - ProstorSpace - Prostor  
32 flashcards
Useful nouns - Užitečná podstatná jménaUseful nouns - Užitečná podstatná jména  
36 flashcards
Useful phrases - Užitečné frázeUseful phrases - Užitečné fráze  
20 flashcards
Features - VlastnostiFeatures - Vlastnosti  
30 flashcards
Time - ČasTime - Čas  
26 flashcards
A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typická konverzace z učebnice;)A typical conversation from a student's book;) - Typická konverzace z ...  
15 flashcards
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Interesting facts about the Czech language

We are sure you are curious to learn more about the Czech language before mastering new Czech phrases and words. It's a great way to get a deeper understanding of what you learn and it will also keep you more motivated. Here are some of the interesting facts about Czech that will inspire you to learn the Czech phrases included in this course:

  • 1. Czech is spoken by over 10 million people worldwide.
  • 2. If you will learn Czech, it will make it much easier for you to understand Slovak since they are mutually intelligible.
  • 3. Czech is a Slavic language just like Russian or Polish.
  • 4. There are some English words that have Czech origins, like polka or robot.
  • 5. Czech was banned during the rule of the Hapsburgs in Bohemia in the 17th century but it did not disappear.
  • 6. There are some words or even Czech phrases that don't have any vowels, for example, hrb, chrp and krkl.

Learn basic Czech

Now that you know so many facts about the Czech language, it's time to learn some new Czech phrases! This Czech course includes 10 lessons with basic Czech phrases and words on different topics. The flashcards will teach you how to count in Czech, useful nouns, adjectives, useful Czech phrases. Moreover, you will find an entire conversation with common Czech phrases in this course and a lesson dedicated to the extremely simplified Czech grammar that will introduce you to the basics of Czech grammar. The flashcards include the Czech to English translation of the basic Czech phrases and words, along with their Czech pronunciation. You can choose the learning mode that fits you best. Also, you can download our app to set reminders to learn and repeat the Czech phrases. There are many more special features to discover in this course of Czech phrases. Start it now and make a step further to speaking Czech fluently!

Learn more Czech vocabulary

If you want to continue learning Czech phrases and words - we have enough resources that will help you! Take a look at the Czech in 1 day course that includes courtesy Czech phrases, vocabulary on activities, people and questions in Czech. If you want to develop your Czech language skills with more difficult courses, proceed to the Czech Words: Top 1000 Nouns course and learn the 1000 most commonly used nouns in this language! If you wish to learn more Czech phrases, take a look at the Everyday phrases in Czech course that will prepare you for a conversation with a native in a restaurant, at a bank, in a hotel and will teach you the greetings in Czech. VocApp will make learning Czech easy and fun!