Small talk in Polish
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Small talk in Polish
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Conversation Starters and Greetings - Przywitania i zdania do zaczęcia rozmowyConversation Starters and Greetings - Przywitania i zdania do zaczęcia...  
36 flashcards
Typical Responses - Typowe odpowiedziTypical Responses - Typowe odpowiedzi  
32 flashcards
Talking about the weather - Rozmawianie o pogodzieTalking about the weather - Rozmawianie o pogodzie  
44 flashcards
Talking about current events - Rozmawianie o bieżących wydarzeniachTalking about current events - Rozmawianie o bieżących wydarzeniach  
57 flashcards
At the office - W biurzeAt the office - W biurze  
62 flashcards
At a social event - Na spotkaniu towarzyskimAt a social event - Na spotkaniu towarzyskim  
51 flashcards
At a conference - Na konferencjiAt a conference - Na konferencji  
34 flashcards
Gossiping - PlotkowanieGossiping - Plotkowanie  
45 flashcards
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Polish Americans

In the United States, Polish Americans number more than 11 million but most of them cannot speak Polish fluently. According to the 2000 United States Census, 667,414 Americans of age five years and over reported Polish as the language spoken at home, which is about 1.4% of people who speak languages other than English, 0.25% of the US population, and 6% of the Polish Americans. The largest concentrations of Polish speakers reported in the census (over 50%) were found in three states: Illinois (185,749), New York (111,740), and New Jersey (74,663).

Polish phrases that you need to know

The Polish vocabulary is very rich, and it takes time to learn it, however, there are various Polish phrases that you can memorize and sound like a pro. Polish phrases are very useful for everyday conversations and can be very helpful if you want to interact with locals. With our flashcards system and the Polish phrases we composed, you will be able to start a conversation, make friends, read and ask information without using a translating tool and in addition, you will be more familiar with Polish pronunciation. The course we prepared comprises several Polish phrases that will make your stay in Poland even more comfortable, we put together 25 lessons where you can learn different kinds of Polish phrases, that can be applied in different situations, so you won’t be caught off-guard:

  • Conversation starters and greetings
  • Talking about the weather
  • At the office
  • At a social event
  • Meetings
  • Travelling
  • Asking for assistance and offering it

and many more.

You can also test yourself and make sure that you remember all the Polish phrases you just learnt!

Polish pronunciation? We have your back!

We know that Polish pronunciation can be challenging sometimes. As a Slavic language, Polish is one of the most difficult languages for native English speakers to learn. The Polish alphabet has 32 letters, nine of which are unique. Considering that some of the letters form digraphs and even one trigraph, this adds up to a total of 17 signs, which you‘ll have to learn by heart, and this makes Polish pronunciation more complicated. On the other hand, once you know them all, you’ll be able to pronounce any Polish word and Polish pronunciation won’t be a worry anymore! Also, learning Polish phrases will make Polish pronunciation as easy as ABC!

Don’t stop learning!

You thought we were done with Polish phrases? You will be happy to hear that this is not over and you can learn more Polish phrases with our Everyday phrases in Polish course, or if you want to enrich your Polish vocabulary and master your Polish pronunciation, check out our Polish Words: Top 1000 Nouns course.