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Interesting facts about the Indonesian language

Indonesian is a very interesting and unique language. Many people start learning Indonesian in order to travel and learn more about the culture and people of Indonesia. Here are some facts about Indonesian that could be interesting to those wishing to learn Indonesian:

  • 1. It is spoken by over 155 million people as a second language and by over 20 million as a native language.
  • 2. Its structure is not difficult, which is a definite plus for those who want to learn Indonesian.
  • 3. Indonesian is among the most spoken languages in the world.
  • 4. Knowing Indonesian could be useful in entire Southern Asia since it's spoken in more countries.
  • 5. Some Indonesian words were borrowed from Chinese, Portuguese, Arabic and Sanskrit.

Learning Indonesian

Not only learning Indonesian will be a great challenge for your brain but also, it will be very useful in your future trips and will bring social opportunities. If you will learn Indonesian, you can be an independent traveller and can negotiate prices. Also, you will discover the Indonesian culture from within and experience things a simple tourist can't experience. One of the easiest and most effective ways to learn Indonesian is by learning and practising vocabulary with flashcards. Our linguists created several Indonesian courses that will teach you many new Indonesian words. Each Indonesian word will come with its Indonesian to English translation and its pronunciation. The Indonesian to English translation will help you understand the word and how to use it, while the pronunciation will help you practice how to say the word correctly so that others understand you. This course includes the 1000 most commonly used Indonesian words. You will hear example sentences with these Indonesian words in order for you to learn how and in which circumstances to use these Indonesian words. Moreover, some Indonesian words will have hints with synonyms or explanations. Start learning Indonesian now with this course of Indonesian words! It will significantly enrich your vocabulary and allow you to form your own sentences!

More Indonesian courses

There are some other professional Indonesian courses on our site: Indonesian in 1 day and Indonesian: day 2. They are perfect to learn some Indonesian phrases fast! You will learn courtesy phrases, how to form questions, useful pronouns, nouns and adjectives, numbers in Indonesian, how to talk about time and space and not only! Proceed to our other Indonesian courses and learn more Indonesian words to impress the native speakers!