Communication: Information, opinions and ideas

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Question English
Answer English

Excuse me. Can you tell me the way to Oxford Street? Could you tell me what time the next train to Bristol is, please? Do you know if there are any seats left? Could you give me some information about things to do here?
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Asking for information

It's the fifth of May today (, isn't it?)
Agreeing with or correcting a statement
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Yes, it is. That's right.
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No, it isn't, it's the sixth. It's the sixth actually.
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Pardon? Could you repeat that, please? I beg your pardon? I'm sorry, I didn't catch what you said.
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When you don't hear what someone says

I'm sorry, I don't understand. What do you mean? I'm not with you. (informal)
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When you don't understand

What's "cider"? It's a drink made from apples. What does "annually" mean? It means "every year". What's the meaning of the word "library"? A library is a place you can borrow books from.
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Asking the meaning of a word

What do you call it when water becomes ice? We say it "freezes". What's the word for the thing you put a letter in? Oh, you mean an "envelope".
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Asking for a word

How do you pronounce this word? How do you say that? How do you spell "sincerely"? How is it spelt?
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Asking about pronunciation and spelling

Why won't they serve me? Could you explain why they won't give me a drink? Could someone please tell me what's happening? I don't understand why we have to go. I just don't see why the pub has to close now.
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Asking for an explanation

The reason is that it's eleven o'clock. Well, the thing is, pubs can only open till eleven. It's like this, you see. There's a law which says...
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Giving an explanation

Oh, I see. I understand now, thank you.
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Saying that you understand

I'm sure/I'm certain/I know there's a bank in this street. There'll be one here/There must be one here. There's certainly/definitely one in the next street.
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Being sure

It's probably that way. I think/I should think/I believe we have to turn right here. I don't think/I doubt if you should go left. I suppose/I expected that's the road to the village.
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Being less sure

Maybe/Perhaps we can go straight on. That may/might/could be the road to the village.
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Being unsure

I don't know/I'm not sure/I've no idea/I wouldn't like to say how far it is to the village.
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Not knowing

Brazil will win the World Cup. West Germany have a good team. I think they're going to win. I bet/I expect it'll be exciting.
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Predictions (1)

I guess a South American country will win. (USA) The Italians are sure to do well/are bound to do well. I'm sure the Italians are going to do well.
Be certain or destined to; also, be determined or resolved to. For example, We are bound to hear from them soon, or No matter what they say, she is bound to run for mayor. This usage is derived from the older sense of bound as “obliged.”
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Preditions (2)

What do you think about the strike? What's your opinion of the workers' action? Do you agree with/Are you in favour of the workers getting more money?
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Asking for an opinion

Well, personally, I think/I believe/I'd say/I feel they should go back to work. I don't think they should be on strike.
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Giving an opinion (1)

As far as I can see/As far as I'm concerned/It seems to me/In my opinion, the workers are badly paid. I'm convinced the workers are right. (emphatic)
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Giving an opinion (2)

I (quite) agree/That's right/ Quite/ Exactly/ Of course.
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Agreeing with an opinion

I don't agree/I disagree. I wouldn't say that/I'm not so sure/I wonder/Do you really think so? (more polite) But don't you think...?/Well, I think... /But on the other hand... /Yes, but...
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Disagreeing with an opinion

Just imagine if there was life on Mars. What if the people there could build spaceships? Supposing they visited the earth? I wonder what I'd say to a person from Mars.
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Having ideas

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