Clase 33 14/11

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es difícil desarrollar un negocio así
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it is difficult to run a business

no tengo el control de las cosas ahora mismo
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I do not have control of things right now

Yo he resuelto todos los problemas por mí misma
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I have solved all the problems by myself

en Gales es consistente
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in Wales it is consistent

en España todo es mas burocrático
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in Spain everything is more bureaucratic

así debería ser aquí
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so it should be here

voy a quedarMELA despues de pasar la ITV
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I'm going to stay MELA after passing the ITV

Creo que ME LA voy a quedar
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I think I'm going to stay

Casi me quedo atrapada
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I almost got stuck

Me quedé atrapada en la carretera
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I was stuck on the road

techo elevable
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lift roof

mi intuición me dijo: No la compres
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My intuition told me: Do not buy it

rellena los formularios y enviaLOS
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fill in the forms and send them

Es un lugar muy virgen
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It is a very virgin place

ahora hace 15 grados
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now 15 degrees

el aire está muy contaminado
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the air is very polluted

hay mucha polución en el aire
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there is a lot of pollution in the air

no quiero volverme loca con otras cosas
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I do not want to go crazy with other things

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