CAE (Use of English – Gapped Sentences)

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to be ahead of one's time
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wyprzedzić epokę

round of applause
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a period of time when an audience reacts by clapping their hands

to draw the curtains
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zasuwać/rozsuwać zasłony

to draw the conclusion
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wyciągnąć wnioski

to draw out money
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wyciągnąć pieniądze

to be on the go
Like most working mothers, she is always on the go.
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busy and active all the time

to have a go
And UNICEF, God bless them, they said, "Okay, we'll have a go."
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spróbować, skrytykować, zaatakować

to stand up to sb
"giving workers the confidence to stand up to their employers"
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make a spirited defence against

to disperse
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rozpraszać się (o tłumie)

united act of defiance
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zjednoczony akt oporu

to be hard of hearing
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[of someone] unable to hear well or partially deaf

be hard on somebody
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a) to criticize someone in a way that is unfair, or to be too strict with them; b) to have a bad effect on someone
Perhaps I’m too hard on her. Divorce can be very hard on children.

it's safe safe to assume that
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można bezpiecznie założyć, że

to tell apart
Katherine and her sister look so alike that I simply can't _________ them apart.
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to tell sb off
I expect the boss is going to _________ me off for not getting my work done on time again.
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besztać kogoś

to tell the time
I bought my niece a toy clock because she's just learning to _________ the time.
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to know what time it is when you look at a clock or a watch
The children are learning to tell the time.

let someone down
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zawieść kogoś; fail to support or help someone as they had hoped

mental picture
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let sth pass
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"puścić mimo uszu"; choose not to react to an action or remark

go into the lead
Newcastle have gone into the _________ with 30 points, and it looks as if they will win the tournament.
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wyjść na prowadzenie

at the scene of the crime
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na miejscu zbrodni

to buy and sell something
a small company that deals in rare books The police said she was dealing in stolen goods.

fair distance
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uczciwa odległość;-) duża w sensie że

Keep a close eye/watch on sb/sth
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Trzymaj uważnie oko / zegarek na sb / sth
If you keep a close eye on someone or something or keep a close watch on them, you observe them carefully to make sure they are progressing as you want them to. The President's foreign policy team are keeping a close eye on events.

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