Brand management

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the tendency to always buy a particular brand
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brand loyalty
the ideas and beliefs people have about a brand
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brand image
using an existing name on another type of product
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brand stretching
how familiar people are with a brand (or its logo and slogan)
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brand awareness
the title given to a product by the company that makes it
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brand name
the introduction of a product to the market
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product launch
the length of time people continue to buy a product
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product lifecycle
the set of products made by a company
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product range
when products are used in films or TV programmes
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product placement
the use of a well-known person to advertise products
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product endorsement
the best-selling product or brand in a market
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market leader
information about what consumers want or need
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marker research
the percentage of sales a company has
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market share
the second best-selling product or brand in a market
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market challenger
customers of a similar age, income level or social group
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market segment

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