Alergias y Régimen Alimentario

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¿Esta comida tiene gluten?
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Does this dish contain gluten?

No puedo comer ni lactosa ni frutos secos.
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I can't eat neither lactose nor nuts.

No soy vegano, soy vegetariano porque la carne no me gusta.
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I am not a vegan, I am a vegetarian because I don't like meat.

Hay gente que cuenta las calorías de todo lo que come.
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There are people who count the calories of everything they eat.

Los vegetarianos a menudo sufren deficiencia de hierro.
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Vegetarians often suffer from iron deficiency.

Mi amigo es alérgico a los mariscos.
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My friend is allergic to seafood.

No puede respirar, llame a una ambulancia!
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He can't breathe, call an ambulance!

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