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I think it shows that you have a sense of fairness.
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especially if you split 50-50 even though you don't have to.

It brings out aggression in people. In fact,
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I think someone might try to hurt the other person.

I enjoyed being in control
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and that's why I kept all the money for myself. I'm surprised at my own greed.

Here there's no equality because
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one person has less power.

I imagine some people give more than they have to
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and that sort of generosity always surprises me.

There's no justice in this game,
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just as there's none in real life. I felt cheated and hard done by.

being kind and willing to give
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threatening behaviour
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a situation where people have the same rights
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the ability to make someone do something
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control; power

being reasonable in judgement
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fairness; justice

strong desire for more money, food or other things
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