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Examples of decisions that a person may have to make in their life
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whether to go to university or not and which one to go / what subject to study; what career path to take; whether to change jobs; what car / house to buy; what town / country to live in;

more examples of decisions that a person may have to make in their life
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whether to get married / have children / get divorced; what to do about problems in a friendship / relationship

It was a tough job. They asked some tough questions. Recently she’s had a tough time. It’s tough being married to a cop. be tough on somebody (= make things difficult for someone) The divorce was tough on the kids.
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difficult difficult or involving problems

key items of vocabulary from the texts
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thrift, lumpy, stashed, deposit slip, gust, tracks, stroller, heartbroken, allegedly, surveillance

thrifty shoppers
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wise and careful use of money

a lumpy mattress
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with a lot of lumps
com altos e baixos [colchão]

stash: to store something secretly somewhere

A gust of wind blew our tent over.
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a sudden strong movement of wind

deposit slip
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A deposit slip is a small written form that is sometimes used to deposit funds into a bank account. A deposit slip indicates the date, the name of the depositor, the depositor's account number, and the amounts of checks, cash, and coin being deposited.
comprovante de depósito

Never try to cross the track.
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the two metal lines that a train travels on SYN railway line
linha férrea, trilho(s) [de ferrovia]

a chair on wheels in which a small child can be pushed along SYN buggy British English
carrinho (de bebé) Em inglês britânico diz-se buggy ou pushchair

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very sad because of something that has happened
destroçado, de coração partido

the group’s alleged connections with organized crime
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supposed to be true, but not proved

under surveillance Police have the man under surveillance.
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when someone is being watched, for example by the police or by doctors

someone who is not in your family who shares a bedroom with you, for example at college

a long comfortable piece of furniture on which you can sit or lie

a beat-up couch
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a beat-up car, bicycle etc is old and in bad condition
a cair de podre

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bubble-wrapped in English
a ball of air or gas

I'm looking for something to support my family.
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Delroy Simmonds

Her face wasn't covered so I recognise her immediately.
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Anne McQuinn's father or her uncle

She said, "I have a alot of money in that couch and I really need it".
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the widow

I'm incredible grateful, and my three other kids are too.
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The woman whose baby Delroy Simmonds saved.

It was hard for him. I think that's why he came in with with his brother.
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Sergeant Tom Landers or another police office.

Look, there's something in here.
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Reese Werkhoven

You shouldn't have done that.
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Gerry Comber/Anne McQuinn's father

We laid it all out and we were screaming.
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one of the three roommates

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