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Location of Lisbon
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southwestern coast of Portugal, overlooking the Rio Tejo
History of Lisbon
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old quarters of the city, the poet Fernando Pessoa, 1930s-era cafés
Nearby sites
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Sintra, beaches, fishing villages
Architecture of Lisbon
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Gothic and Moorish, cathedrals, monasteries and a castle, narrow streets
Things to see/do
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visit museums and cathedrals, walk through the narrow backstreets, eat at a small patio restaurant, listen to fado, sit in a 1930s café, go to bars in Bairro Alto,
or to nightclubs in the docks or in old mansions, go shopping in Chiado, watch the sunset from the castle
Food and drink
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fresh bread and wine, fresh pastries and espresso coffee
What tense(s) does the writer use to describe Lisbon? Why?
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Present tenses for giving information and facts about a place. Makes the description more immediate.
Do you think the language in the article sounds formal or informal? Why?
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Fairly informal, and friendly (words like stroll, revellers partying until dawn, scattered) - also contractions like you'd, they've.
Do you think the writer likes the place? Why/Why not?
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The writer likes the place very much. We can see this from the positive language he/she uses to describe it.
What kinds of details did the writer add to improve the sentences bellow?
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The writer has added a wider range of vocabulary and details such as colours, shapes, sounds and feelings.
Trams travel along the streets of the old town
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trams wind their way through curvy tree-lined streets
where many locals walk
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Lisboetas stroll through the old quarters
In Alfama, people gossip in the public baths,
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Village-life gossip in old Alfama
or restaurants where they enjoy bread, wine
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over fresh bread and wine at tiny patio restaurants
and traditional Portuguese music
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as fadistas (proponents of fado, Portugal's traditional melancholic singing)
In Bairro Alto, you can find many restaurants and bars which play live music.
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In the hilltop district of Bairro Alto, ..., with jazz, reggae, electronica and fado filling the air
Night clubs around the town can be found in all kinds of interesting places
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Night clubs scattered all over town make fine use of old spaces
In Lisbon you can do many things
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enjoying a fresh pastry and bica, window-shopping, elegant Chiado, watching the sunset
Outside Lisbon, it is worth visiting the town of Sintra, and also beaches and fishing villages along the coast.
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the magical setting of Sintra, glorious beaches and traditional fishing villages.
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hear the voices of the market sellers; liveliness in the air
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sweet smell of fruit; aroma of strong, fresh coffee and petrol fumes
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ripened in the hot sun
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small three wheeled motorised vans; old ladies haggle over the price of the cherries
wave their arms in rebuke at the younger workers
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farmers, or "contadini"; mountains of different coloured fruits and vegetables
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firm red peppers, purple beans, tomatoes of all shapes and sizes
quaint narrow streets
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attractive in an old-fashioned way.
Pitoresco, antiquado.
The cityscape is impressive as one approaches New York from the sea.
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a view of a city, especially a large urban center
the slow/inside lane; the fast/outside lane;
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one of the parts of a road that vehicles travel along.
faixa [da estrada]; a faixa lenta/da direita; a faixa rápida/da esquerda
rua secundária
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a narrow street with walls on both sides
to wind
The road wound up into the hills.
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if a road, river etc winds somewhere, it has many smooth bends and is usually very long
We strolled along the beach.
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to walk in a slow relaxed way
She told me all the latest gossip
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informal talk about other people’s behaviour and private lives
bisbilhotice, mexeriquice
They live in a tiny village in the mountains.
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extremely small
pequenino, minúsculo
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Singing is the act of producing musical sounds with the voice and augments regular speech by the use of sustained tonality, rhythm, and a variety of vocal techniques.
cantar, canto
warmly lit cafés
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cafés de luz cálida, acolhedora, difusa
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the top of a hill
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someone who is having fun singing, drinking etc in a noisy way
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the time of day when light first appears
amanhecer, alvorecer
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spread over a wide area or over a long period of time
tucked away
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be tucked away to be in a place that is far away or difficult to find
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to include many ideas, subjects etc to cover or surround an area
envolver, conter
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a mixture of flour, fat, and water that you roll flat then fill with other food and bake; a small cake made with pastry
massa (de tarte)
a leafy suburb
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having a lot of trees and plants
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relating to the Moors (Muslim people from Northern Africa)
pavement café
He is sitting at a table of a pavement café, a tiny cup of coffee in his well-manicured hand.
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part of a café which is outdoors or on the pavement or sidewalk
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when you look at goods in shop windows without intending to buy them
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the things that someone is selling, usually not in a shop
The apples were ripened to perfection.
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fruit that is ripe is ready to eat
a taste that lingers in your mouth
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if a smell, memory etc lingers, it does not disappear for a long time
paint fumes
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strong-smelling gas or smoke that is unpleasant to breathe in
a market stall
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a large table on which you put things you want to sell
Make sure the tomatoes are ripe but firm.
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something that is firm does not feel soft when you press it – used especially when something feels right
"he radiated liveliness and good humour"; "the ambience lacked liveliness"
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the quality of being outgoing, energetic, and enthusiastic; an atmosphere of excitement and activity
haggle (over the price)
We were haggling over the price for an hour.
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to argue about the amount that you will pay for something
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to speak angrily to someone because they have done something wrong

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