2.4 A QUIET REVOLUTION: Traditional gender roles

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Question English
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My parents pushed me into going to college.
start learning
make somebody do something, to encourage or force someone to do something or to work hard

part-time job work part-time.
start learning
for only a part of the normal working day or week / full-time

start learning
someone whose job is to write or check financial records

something had to give
"Something has to change/be done--now" is often used in connection with social justice, ecology, or peace initiatives to describe situations that have become intolerable and are at a breaking point/flashpoint.
start learning
the present situation could not continue. Something had to change, and often with negative results. The general meaning here is that Rob Sinclair will no longer perform his duties as accountant in full-time-

on an even keel
The new manager succeeded in putting the business back on an even keel
start learning
continuing in a steady way- regular and well-balanced and not likely to change suddenly

pace of life
She liked the fast pace of life in the city.> <We moved to a small town, seeking a slower pace of life
start learning
the speed at which something happens, or at which someone moves, works etc. used to refer to the speed at which changes and events occur

build up
"the build-up of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere" synonyms: increase, growth, expansion, spread, enlargement, escalation, development, accumulation, proliferation, multiplication, snowballing, mushrooming
start learning
a gradual accumulation or increase, typically of something negative that leads to a problem.

a heck of a lot
You've spent a heck of a lot of money on that thing.
start learning
a large amount of something. The mild expression 'heck' usually replaces the word 'hell'.

break the mould
Their approach to sports teaching broke the mould.
start learning
to be new and different

scale something back/down
"manufacturing capacity has been scaled down" synonyms: reduce, cut down, cut back, cut, make cutbacks in, decrease, lessen, lower, trim, slim down, prune, curtail
start learning
to reduce the size or effectiveness of something. decrease

With two young boys, he and his wife realised something had to give.
start learning
have to change to remove the pressure

It seemed to make sense for me to take the lead in moving down to working part-time.
start learning
act first

He has to do with less money,
start learning
live on not so much

but for Rob, life's now on a more even keel.
start learning
less troubled and more balanced

He could have retired two years ago and put his feet up. Instead he's choosing to stay busy.
start learning
have a relaxed life

It's never easy but these men are breaking the mould.
start learning
end a restrictive practice

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