2- and 3- word verb

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to cancel: The meeting was called off
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call of

to make a phone call with a specific person: Let me call her up and ask her if she wants to come.
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call up

to do something bad whithout getting punished for it: Jones got away his crimes because the police didn’t have the time to do full investigation.
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get away with

to wear: I have on jeans and cap.
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have on

to recive communication for someone, usually by phone or by letter: We will be pleased to hear from you.
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hear from

to watch, to supervise: We both look after the baby
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look after

to make jokes about some in anwgative way: Some of the kids made fun of her style.
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make fun of

to pospone: the launch was put off until sunday
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put off

to meet without planning
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run into

to patiently accept something unpleasant: they had to put up whit lound music late at night
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put up with

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