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jane era spaventata. Da cosa era spaventata?
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Jane was afraid. What was she afraid off?
lui è in ospedale. In quale ospedale è?
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he is in hospital. Which hospital is he in?
di cosa vuoi parlare?
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What do you want to talk about?
kate andra' in vacanza. con chi va?
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kate is going on holliday. who is she going with?
c'e un nuovo ristorante.com'è?è buono? non lo so, non ci ho ancora mangiato li
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there is a new restaurant. how is it like? is it good? I don't know, I haven't heaten there yet
hai passato una bella vacanza? com'era il tempo?è stato stupendo
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did you have a good holliday? What was the weather like? It was lovely
cosa stai cercando?
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what are you looking for?
con chi sei andato al cinema?
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who did you go to the cinema with?
con chi sta parlando lui?
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who is he talking to?
cosa stanno guardando?
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What are they looking at?
in quale hotel stavi?
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which hotel did you stay at?

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