week 11 Workshop 8 Hierarchical Data Structures Part 2 – Application: Expression Trees

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What is parsing?
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Arithmetic expressions are converted into an (equivalent) unique form. Compliers must generate unambiguous code in which one operation is executed at a time.

what is infix notation?
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the placement of operators between operands—"infixed operators"—such as the plus sign in 2 + 2.

what is postfix notation?
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arithmetic expressions in which the operands appear before their operators. This notation is used in Complier design to generate our unambiguous code eg 2 2 +

what is prefix notation?
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+ 2 2

what are the two methods to convert from infix to post fix notation
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Using Dijkstra’s Algorithm or Drawing an Expression Tree / Parse Tree

what is an Expression Tree / Parse Tree?
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Write the expression out as a BST then navigate it using pre or post order traversal to achive the corrected output

what is Dijkstra’s Algorithm?
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Work through infix expression from left to right Operands are output immediately. Operators are stored in a stack until required

what are the precedences for dijkstras algorithm?
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Open bracket (0 - lowest Addition and Subtraction 1 Multiplication and Division 2 Raise to the power 3 – highest

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