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Kolay gelsin.
Usually used when people enter a shop or want to greet someone is working.
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May it be easy!
Bir çay lütfen
Turkey is the number one tea consumer in the world, so get used to have tea everytime and everywhere.
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A glass of tea, please.
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Informal way to say "thanks".
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I don't know.
Ne kadar?
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How much is it?
Afiyet olsun.
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Enjoy your meal.
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In response to "Hoşgeldiniz", it means "We came well".
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Although it is an Arabic word, Turkish people use it often. It means "magnificent" or "wonderful".
Ellerinize sağlık.
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God bless your hands. (Used to praise a good cook)
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Another Arabic word, which means "With God's willing".
Geçmiş olsun.
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Get well soon. (Literally means "May it pass")
Güle güle kullanın.
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You may hear it after you buy a cloth from a shop. It literally means "Use it smiling".
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