Untranslatable - Intraduisible

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pronoun "ce" (this) before verbs starting with a vowel
This is my wife, Juliette.
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ce + est (this + is)
C'est mon épouse, Juliette.
expression introducing a question
Do you speak English?
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est-ce que...
Est-ce que tu parles anglais?
indefinite article for masculine nouns in singular
a cat
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un chat
pronoun "me" (me) before words starting with a vowel
Can you help me?
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m'aider = me + aider (help)
Est-ce que tu peux m'aider?
pronoun "I" before a verb starting with a vowel
I have a cat.
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je + ai (I + have)
J'ai un chat.
"what" in questions
What are you doing?
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qu'est-ce que...
Qu'est-ce que tu fais?
definite article for masculine nouns in singular
the sun
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le soleil
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