Learning new languages has become an important part of the lives of millions of people. This online course introduces you to the main Romanian words that will help you enrich your vocabulary and express yourself in different situations.

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This fun and easy lesson was created especially for those that want to enhance their English vocabulary and intelligence with smart words. For more, visit our site and download our app, to learn conveniently anywhere and anytime!

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Are you interested to learn a language spoken by more than 260 million people? This is the lesson for you. It will teach you how to say basic Indonesian phrases so you could impress native speakers and be ready to express yourself in any situation.

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Italy, we know, is probably the main touristic spot in the world. Full of art, nature, food and history, we let you start your trip in Italy discovering 20 beautiful hotspots.

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Have you ever been to Italy? If yes, maybe you've already tasted some famous Italian recipes; but if not, you know some of them anyway, because they're world famous. However, do you really know the traditional recipes of your favourite Italian dishes?

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