Political systems

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snap elections
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elections held earlier than it would be supposed to (e.g. because of the parliament dissolution)
At the moment, snap elections look as the only solution.
lower house
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usually the bigger and more inclusive chamber/house in the bicameral parliament
It may be easier to be elected to the lower house.
grassroots initiative
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initiative led and organized by the ordinary citizens without politicians involvement
Grassroots initiatives are at the heart of a real democracy.
checks and balances
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set of regulations which help to balance the influence of the power branches
Checks and balances are fundamental for every democratic country.
election day
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day of the elections
The election day in the US is tomorrow.
bicameral parliament
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parliament divided into two separate houses/chambers
US parliament is a bicameral one.
secretary of state
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in the UK/US - one of the government members
also: position within a particular ministry
Secretaries of state in the US are appointed by the president.
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