Culture, Identity, Religion

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to belong
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to be a member of e.g. organization, group, society
Poland belongs to European community.
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process of gradually adopting a foreign culture by giving up one's own culture identity
Many immigrants fail to assimilate.
World Heritage Site
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important area chosen and protected by UNESCO
There is more than 1,000 World Heritage Sites around the world.
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feeling superior to others e.g. nation, sex or group
Chauvinism is nothing to be proud about.
nation branding
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actions taken to build nation's image and reputation abroad
The countries often hire specialized PR agencies to work out a nation branding strategy.
ethnic group
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a group of people who share the same ethnicity
There are 3 main ethnic groups in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
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concept of goverment's institutions separation from religious institutions
Concept of secularism was especially developed in France.
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