Polite expressions - Formules de politesse

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Good evening!
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Good night!
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Bonne nuit!

S'il te plaît
less formal than "s'il vous plaît"

S'il vous plaît
more formal than "s'il te plaît"

Here you are.
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for instance when you give sth to sb

Thank you.
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You're welcome.
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De rien.
a response to someone's thanks
aussi: Je vous en prie (formal)

Excuse me / I'm sorry.
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Pardon / Excusez-moi

I'm sorry.
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Je suis désolé
expressing regret, apology etc.

I'm fine, thank you. And you?
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Je vais bien, merci. Et toi?

How are you / How do you do?
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Comment ça va?
or: "ça va?" (less formal)

Nice to meet you. / It's a pleasure to meet you.
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Bon appétit!
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Bon appétit!

Bless you.
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À tes souhaits!
when sb sneezes

when toasting

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