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The firm CONTRACTS OUT most of the basic building work. ------ CONTRACT OUT.
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Subcontratar. to formally arrange for other people to do a job which you are responsible for.
The owner of the company pointed out that it’s cheaper to contract some work out than to do it all ourselves. ------ CONTRACT OUT.
Pedro Gamboa had the talent to become a great lawyer, but he COPPED OUT and became a law teacher instead because it was more secure financially. --------- COP OUT.
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Acobardarse y rajarse, echarse para atras sobre algo, retractarse. to not do something that you are expected to to fail to do or to deal with a problem or situation.
Martin Patino said, I should’ve set up my own business, but I copped out and kept my job instead. ------ cop out.
If you’re going to the pub, COUNT me OUT. I’d like to come along but I promised my wife I’d go straight home tonight. -------- COUNT OUT.
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Excluir, descartar a alguien. to exclude someone or somethig.
Bob Proctor said to count him out if we’re booking a table for dinner. He’s too busy writing his new book. --------- count out.
Ford company CRANKS OUT hundreds of cars every day. --------- CRANK OUT.
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Producir a grandes cantidades pero de mala calidad. to produce (something) quickly or carelessly and without thinking about what you are doing.
They’re a terrible band. They crank out the same boring old songs night after night. ----- crank out.
Don Bernie CRASHED OUT on the couch after the party and slept there all night.---------- CRASH OUT.
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Quedarse dormido. to go to sleep suddenly because you are very tired.
Uncle Robert was really tired. He crashed out on the sofa while watching TV.----- crash out.
Hey Rose please check the guest list and CROSS OUT the names of all the people who didn’t come. ------------ CROSS OUT.
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Marcar con una X. Put as line through some writing to show it is wrong.
Efrain said that If you make a mistake, just cross it out and write down your correction. ----- cross out.
The wounded soldier CRY OUT in pain as his friends picked him up and put him on a stretcher. -------- CRY OUT.
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Gritar de dolor o miedo. To shout because you are in pain. (see also: call out, yell out).
Katty cried out in fear when a big black spider fell on her face. ---- cry out.
The kids were running around the living room when their father told them to CUT it OUT before they broke something. ------------ CUT OUT.
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Parar de hacer algo. Dejar de hacer algo. something that you say to tell someone to stop doing something annoying.
Cut that out kids!’, Lalo yelled at his kids, and they stopped running around. -------- cut out.
Our son’s a professional football player and whenever his picture’s in the newspaper, my wife CUT OUTS it OUT and puts it in a special scrapbook. -------- CUT OUT.
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Recortar. to remove something by cutting, especially something made of paper or cloth.
My daughter likes to cut out and keep interesting magazine articles. ------- CUT OUT.
Many languages are DYING OUT because fewer and fewer people are learning them and speaking them. --------- DIE OUT.
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Desaparecer, extinguirse poco a poco. to become more and more rare and then disappear completely.
Dinosaurs died out 65 million years ago. ----- die out.
Karla said, Maurisio, could you DISH the potatoes OUT for me, please?. --------- DISH OUT.
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Servir. to serve food to people, usually by putting it onto plates.
The restaurant "dishes out" more than 500 meals every night. -------- dish out.
George Alpayo was on TV last night, DISHING OUT at some immigrants. --------- DISH OUT., or DISH it OUT.
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Hablar pestes, Hablar muy mal de alguien, Criticar hirientemente. to say, criticize or punish someone severely to people without thinking about it carefully. (see also: give out, hand out).
Donal enjoys dishing it out, but he really can't take it. ---- dish out, or dish it out.
The children are acting out. -------- ACT OUT.
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Portarse mal, comportarse mal. to behave badly especially because you are feeling painful emotions (such as fear or anger.
What can parents do when their kids start acting out?. --------- ACT OUT.
Angelina Jolie skillfully acted out the role of a young queen. ------ ACT OUT.
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Actuar. to perform (a play, a character in a movie, etc.).
The children were acting out what they saw on television. ------ ACT OUT.
I'd just like to say, on behalf of everyone here, good luck in your new home. ------- ON BEHALF OF.
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De parte de, en nombre de, en representación de. instead of someone, or as a representative of someone.
A solicitor issued a statement ON BEHALF OF the victim’s family. ------- ON BEHALF OF.
Uncle Jose said, It is desirable that any important legal documents have to be drawn up by a qualified solicitor. --------- SOLICITOR.
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Abogado. in the UK, a lawyer who gives legal advice, writes legal contracts, and represents people in the lower courts of law.
A SOLICITOR issued a statement on behalf of the victim’s family. --------- SOLICITOR.
Ricky Martin CAME OUT and was open about his sexuality. -------- COME OUT.
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Salir del closet. to tell people that you are homosexual.
Aureliano decided he had to come out, so he told his family he was gay. ---- come out.
Many people were shocked when details of the senator’s accident came out. According to the police report, he was driving while drunk. ---------- COME OUT.
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Salir a la luz publica. if the truth about something comes out, it becomes known publicly after it has been kept secret.
COME OUT ------------ The full story came out in an article in the New York Times. -------------- come out.

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