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TENANT. -------------- Lalo, If your tenant is not paying his rent why don't you just kick him out?. -------------- tenant.
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inquilino. someone who pays rent to live in a room, house, etc.
TENANT. -------------- Edgar was the landlord and Erick was the tenant. -------------- tenant.
KNOCK OUT -------------- I’ve just heard Adele's new album and it really knocked me out. It’s got some of the best songs she’s ever come up with. -------------- knock out.
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impresionar, dejar atónito, sorprendido. to make someone feel a lot of admiration. (see also: bowl over).
KNOCK OUT -------------- I've never been so impressed by Michael Jackson's performance - it really knocked me out. -------------- knock out.
BACK OUT -------------- Before the election, the president promised to cut taxes if he won. But after being elected he backed out, saying they couldn’t afford to. -------------- back out.
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Retractarse, echarse para atras. to decide not to do something that you were going to do or that you had agreed to do. (see also: go back on).
BACK OUT ------ Obama backed out of the deal at the last minute. -------------- back out.
BACK OUT OF. -------------- The company Hadady "backed out of" the agreement it had signed to cut down on carbon emissions, saying the cost was now too high. -------------- back out of.
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Rajarse de, echarse para atras de. to fail to keep an agreement, arrangement. (see also: pull out (of)).
BACK OUT OF. -------------- Obama "backed out of" his promise at the last minute. -------------- BACK OUT OF.
BANG OUT. ---------- Stevie Wonder banged out some well known songs on the piano. -------------- bang out.
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Tocar el piano. to play a tune on the piano loudly. (see also: pound out).
BANG OUT. --------- The composer Richard Clayderman banged out a new song on the old piano. -------------- bang out.
BANG OUT. ------------ Reporters in the newsroom sat at their computers, banging out stories for the next day. -------------- bang out.
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Escribir algo a máquina, computadora, etc. To type. to write something quickly on a computer or typewriter. (see also: type in).
BANG OUT. ---------- Juan banged out the licence plate number on his personal Laptop. -------------- bang out.
KICK OUT -------------- Peppin was kicked out of the dance club for being drunk and starting fights. -------------- kick out.
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Tirar, botar, echar fuera. to force someone to leave a place or an organization.
KICK OUT -------------- Lalo, If your tenant is not paying his rent why don't you just kick him out?. -------------- kick out.
knock out.-------------- Those sleeping tablets knocked me out for 15 hours. -------------- knock out.
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Noquaer. dejar inconciente. to make someone become unconscious or to make someone fall asleep.
knock out. -------------- The champion was knocked out in the sixth round. He soon came to, but the referee stopped the fight, saying it’d be too risky to go on. -------------- knock out.
black out. -------------- The city was blacked out when the power plant workers went on strike. -------------- black out.
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Dejar sin luz. to make a place dark, especially by covering or switching off all the lights.
black out. -------------- The storm blacked out the city and there wasn’t any electricity for over an hour. -------------- black out.
black out. -------------- Jaime drank so much whisky that he blacked out. We had to throw water on his face to wake him up. -------------- black out.
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Desmayar. to suddenly become unconscious. (see also: pass out).
black out. -------------- Eduardo blacked out when he smelled so much smoke in the fire, so he remembers very little. -------------- black out.
black out.-------------- Mom said, It’s too bright in here in the kitchen. Let’s close the curtains to block out the sunlight. -------------- block out.
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Bloquear, obstruir, tapar, (Blackear Afuera). to stop something [esp. noise, light] from coming into a place. (see also: shut out).
black out.-------------- I like this mobile home but unfortunately, there's a tree near the window which blocks out the light. -------------- block out.
BLOCK OUT -------------- Gloria Trevi said, the whole experience was so painful that I just tried to block it out. -------------- block out.
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Bloquear para no recordar, tratar de ignorar, no prestar atención a. Bloquear. to stop yourself from thinking about or remembering something because it is upsetting or painful.
BLOCK OUT. ------------ Chiquis Rivera had always managed to block out the incident. -------------- block out.
bow out -------------- After being captain of the team for ten years, Rafa Marquez bowed out so that a younger player could take over. -------------- bow out.
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Retirarse, renunciar... to resign, to leave or give up a job or stop doing an activity or position, especially when you have had it for a long time.(see also: step down, stand down).
bow out -------------- Hilary has no plans to bow out of politics just yet. -------------- bow out.
branch out. or branch out into. -------------- Karla has always written about science, but now she’s branching out into other areas such as philosophy and history. -------------- branch out. or branch out into.
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Expandirse. to start to do something different from what you usually do, especially in your job.
branch out. or branch out into. -------------- The clothes manufacturer recently branched out into children's wear. -------------- branch out. or branch out into.
break out. -------------- Many people were angry when the government increased the price of oil and petrol, and protests broke out on the streets of the city.-------------- break out.
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Salir de repente, surgir. if something dangerous and unpleasant [e.g. war, disease, fire] breaks out, it suddenly starts. (See also: pop up, crop up).
break out. -------------- Two men were injured when a fight broke out in the bar. -------------- break out.
bow out. -------------- Berny Sanders knew he would not win the election, so he decided to bow out of the presidential race. -------------- bow out.
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Retirarse, renunciar. to resign, to leave or give up a job or stop doing an activity or position, especially when you have had it for a long time.(see also: step down, stand down).
freak, or freak out. -------------- Essy was freaked out by what you said. -------------- freak, or freak out.
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Ponerse bien emputado. Aterrorizarse, asustarse. to suddenly become very angry, frightened, or surprised, or to make someone do this.
When will Robert tell his parents he's quitting school, they are going to "freak out"... Ceci freaked out when she saw the snake. -------------- freak, or freak out.
puzzle out. -------------- Veronica "puzzled out" the meaning of the strange phrases. ------- puzzle out.
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lograr entender, lograr decifrar. to understand or find (something, such as the answer to a difficult problem) by careful thinking.
puzzle out. -------------- Anna said, I still can't "puzzle out" how I managed to spend so much money last month. ------- puzzle out.

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