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SETTLE ON something/somebody. ------- They were thinking of going to Japan for a holiday, but after realizing how expensive it’d be they "settled on" a trip to Thailand instead. --------------- SETTLE ON something/somebody.
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Ponerse de acuerdo en, decidirse por. to agree on a decision. (see also: decide on).
SETTLE ON something/somebody. ------- Have they settled on a name for the baby yet?. --------------- (settle on) something/somebody.
GO ON. ------- Chris butted in when Jill was talking, but then realised what he’d done and said, ‘Sorry for interrupting. Please go on.’ --------- go on.
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Continuar, seguir. to continue doing something. (see also: carry on).
GO ON. ------- We can't go on living here for much longer. --------- go on.
RELY ON something/somebody. --------- --- Sayoko’s English is so good now that she doesn’t have to rely on an interpreter when she’s in a meeting. -------- RELY ON something/somebody.
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Depender de. to need something or someone in order to survive, be successful, or work correctly. (see also: depend on).
RELY ON something/somebody. ------- This organization "relies" entirely on voluntary donations. -------- RELY ON something/somebody.
HANG ON ------- The sea is getting rough so this is going to be a rocky boat ride. We’d better hang on tight. --------- hang on.
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Agarrarse fuerte. to hold something or someone tightly, usually in order to stop yourself from falling. (see also: hold on).
HANG ON. ------- Hang on to that rope and don't let go. --------- hang on.
MAKE A MONKEY OUT OF someone, or MAKE A FOOL OUT OF someone. ---------- El costeño said, If you're afraid to make a fool out of yourself, you will never be a successful performer. ---------- MAKE A FOOL OUT OF someone, or MAKE A MONKEY OUT OF someone.
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Burlarse de alguien, basilar a alguien. to make someone look foolish.
MAKE A MONKEY OUT OF someone, or MAKE A FOOL OUT OF someone. ---------- Gladis said, my former husband thought it was fun to make a fool out of me. ------ (to make a fool out of someone), or (to make a monkey out of someone).
HANG ON. ------- Hang on. I'm not quite ready. ---------- Hang on.
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Esperar. to wait for a short time or to stop what they are doing.
HANG ON. ------- Hang on!. Are you trying to make a monkey out of me?. ---------- Hang on.
PASS ON something. ------- After you’ve signed the card, pass it on to the next person to sign. ---------- PASS ON something.
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Pasar algo a alguien. to give something to someone else. (see also: hand on).
PASS ON something. ------- Could you pass it on to Laura when you've finished reading it?. ----------(pass on) something.
PICK ON somebody. ------- My son says the older boys "pick on" him at school. They tease him and try to make him look weak in front of the other kids. ------------ PICK ON somebody.
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Molestar, meterse con, acosar. to bully, to choose one person from a group of people to criticize or treat unfairly, especially when they are smaller or weaker than you.
PICK ON somebody. ------- Orlando was "picked on" at school because he was much smaller than the other kids. ------------ (pick on) somebody.
TRY something ON. ------- Those jeans look too big for you Quito. Did you "try them on" before you bought them?. ---------- TRY something ON.
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Probarse una ropa. to put on a piece of clothing to find out whether it fits you or whether you like it, especially before buying it.
TRY something ON. ------- Kaz said, I must have "tried on" everything in the shop, but nothing looked right on me. ---------- try something on.
KEEP ON doing something. ------- Don’t stop now. Keep on studying until you’ve figured out what all the phrasal verbs starting with ‘k’ mean. ---------- KEEP ON doing something.
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Seguir, continuar. to continue to do something, or to do something again and again. (see also: carry on, go on). KEEPAR -ONORIO.
KEEP ON doing something. ------- She kept on asking me questions the whole time. ---------- (keep on) doing something.
ACT ON something. ------- You should "act on" your teacher’s advice and try to learn these phrasal verbs. -------- ACT ON something.
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Tomar acción sobre, actuar sobre, reaccionar ante. to take action or act by yourself or by someone else.
ACT ON something. ------- Mike Mastruany said, we’re "acting on" our tax lawyer’s advice to set up an off shore company. -------- ACT ON something.
BANK ON something/somebody. --------- We couldn’t set up the computer network ourselves, so we’re banking on an IT engineer from the university to set it up for us. --------- BANK ON something/somebody.
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Contar con. to depend on something happening. (see also: count on, depend on).
BANK ON something/somebody. --------- I hope to be there but don't bank on it. --------- (bank on) something/somebody.
SWITCH ON something. --------- Don’t "switch on" the power until you’re sure nobody is touching the electrical wiring. Make sure you keep it switched off until then. --------------- SWITCH ON something.
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Prender, encender. to turn on an electrical device [e.g. light, radio] or an engine by using a switch. (see also: turn on).
SWITCH ON something. --------- The heating "switches on" automatically at 6 am. --------------- switch on something.

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