Pedir e dar conselhos - Asking and giving advice

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Achas que o que eu fiz foi errado?
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Do you think what I did was wrong?
Porque não pedes desculpa?
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Why don't you ask for an apology?
Eu espero que tudo seja bem resolvido.
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I hope everything will be solved well.
Na minha opinião, deves convencê-la que foi um acidente.
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In my opinion, you should convince her it was an accident.
É uma boa ideia pedires ao teu pai para interceder por ti.
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It's generally a good idea to ask your dad to intercede for you.
O que eu digo é a minha recomendação pessoal.
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What I said is my personal recommendation.
O que e aconselhas?
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What do you advise me?
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