Operations 2

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tal / tanto
Tienes que estar muy orgulloso de que tu padre sea tan buen hombre
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You must be proud that your father is such a great man.
Somos familia.
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We are family.
Aunque hacía sol y calor tuvimos que quedar en casa. / Hacía sol y calor. Sin embargo, tuvimos que quedar en casa.
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Though it was sunny and warm, we had to stay at home. / It was sunny and warm. We had to stay at home, though.
allí / allá
¿Hay alguien allí? / Hay una lampara en la mesa.
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Is anybody there? / There is a lamp on the table.
suficiente / bastante
No tenemos suficiente pan. / Mis zapatos nuevos no son bastante grandes.
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We don't have enough bread. / My new shoes are not big enough.
Mi tía me vistó anteayer.
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the day before yesterday
My aunt visited me the day before yesterday.
así / tan / tanto
¡Wow! ¡Lo que estás diciendo está tan interesante!
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Wow! What you're saying is so interesting!
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