На сустрэчы - In a meeting

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Ёсць іншыя каментарыі?
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Are there any other comments?
Я ўпэўнены, што гэты праект будзе паспяховым.
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I'm convinced that this project will be a success.
Я лічу, што нам трэба больш прадаўцоў.
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From my point of view, I think we need more sellers.
Я няўпэўнены у гэтым.
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I'm not sure about that.
Што ўсе думаюць пра гэта?
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What does everyone think about it?
Мы збіраемся абмеркаваць новыя змяненні.
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We are going to discuss the new changes.
Некалькі чалавек не прысутнічалі на мінулай сустрэчы.
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Several people didn't attend the last meeting.
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