Lesson 10.03.2019 - Lost in translation

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bringing strong images, memories or feelings to mind / sugestywny, przywołujący coś
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There are phrases in every language that are deeply evocative and often untranslatable. / The lyrics of Sway is so evocative!
to be very easy or enjoyable to say
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to roll off the tongue
It describes this feeling so perfectly in such a wonderfully packaged way, it just rolls off the tongue. (Mendokusai)
to express or show the most important facts/parts about something / zawierać wszystko co istotne
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to encapsulate
If you're bilingual or you're learning a new language, you get the joy of discovering a phrase that helps you perfectly encapsulate a feeling or an experience.
to appear as a large, often frightening or unclear shape or object / nadchodzić, wisieć w powietrzu (neg.)
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to loom
If an unwanted or unpleasant event looms, it seems likely to happen soon and causes worry.
Long before she began researching languages as a professor, foreign languages loomed large in her life. / Dark storm clouds loomed on the horizon.
a group of people, esp. one that meets regularly for a particular purpose, such as government or more generally, the process of coming together / zgromadzenie, zebranie, ale też apel w szkole
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an assembly
I was always the person who recited poems in front of the school, led assemblies and things like that. / UN General Assembly
to discover the meaning of something, to understand sb or why sb acts as they do / pojąć, zrozumieć
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to fathom
When I'm driving around I ofted get my east-west mixed up with my left-right for reasons I have never been able to fathom.
confused in a context of what you wanna do or what you have to do / zagubiony
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at sea
I'd be completely at sea if I visited this aboriginal community in Australia because I have often absolutely no idea where I am or where I'm going.
embarassed because you know that you have done something wrong or silly / nieśmiało, niepewnie zawstydzony
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I sheepishly confessed that I saw this bird's view and I was this little red dot. And they said: well of course, how else would you do it?
prominent, the most important
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Bilinguals are in-between case where they can't turn off their other languages but they become more salient when you're actually speaking the language or surrounded by the language.
a person who strongly opposes generally accepted beliefs and traditions / obrazoburca
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The size of this effect (78 percent of artists paint death's sex in line with their language gender) surprised me because I'd have thought that artists are these iconoclasts.
to complete or finish sth after a quick summary / zakończyć, podsumować
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to wrap sth up
So to give you a very quick wrap-up is that some effects are big, but those that aren't big they are salient from other reasons.
not able to be recovered
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Every time a language dies it's irrecoverable, so it is even worse than dropping bomb on the Louvre.

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